Catch the Action With ARRI 35mm Movie Cameras

With a range of quality movie cameras available, it has never been easier to capture the evocative scenes that filmmakers long for. ARRI has developed innovative products for over 95 years and offers several different models of movie cameras with a variety of features to help you capture the important moments of your special film.

What are some models of 35mm cameras?

ARRI produces several different 35mm models that feature a variety of options and settings, including:

  • ARRICAM Studio: This model is noted for its low sound level, integrated Lens data system, and electronically adjustable mirror shutter. It includes a complete modular production system that showcases four optional viewfinders.
  • ARRICAM Lite: This sync sound models low weight and ergonomic design makes it ideal for remote shooting, Steadicam, or shoulder operation.
  • ARRIFLEX 435 ES/Xtreme: Versatile and useful for commercials, feature films, music videos, special effects, and Steadicam, this model provides steady movement, high speed, and sturdy construction. Also unique to this model is a hand-crank option.
  • ARRIFLEX 235: This is a small, lightweight camera designed to catch unique or spontaneous angles. Appropriate for use in Steadicam, car, motorcycle, or bike rigs, this camera can be used for underwater filming, crash housings, or aerial applications.
What kinds of accessories come with ARRI cameras?

A wide range of accessories come with each ARRI camera although each model varies as to what is available. Additional accessories can be purchased separately if you require an accessory that does not come with your preferred camera. Be sure to thoroughly check the product description to attain the features that you need. Some common accessories that may be included with your ARRI 35mm camera are:

  • Viewfinder extensions of various magnifications
  • Magazine adapters (such as studio, topload, or dualport)
  • Lens data display
  • Mask-Frameglow-Module
  • Electronically adjustable shutter
Are spare parts available for ARRI 35mm cameras?

While spare parts are available from the manufacturer for many of the newer models of ARRI 35mm units, this may not be the case with older models. For example, parts are no longer manufactured for the ARRI 35IIC, but it is possible to find used parts for this and other older models.

Are upgrades available for older 35mm models?

Upgrades may be available for some older models, such as the ARRI 35BL. The Evolution program, developed by P+S Technik, features a new viewfinder that resembles more modern models like the ARRI 535 unit. If you are trying to upgrade an older unit, check with the manufacturer, and be sure that the upgrade features are compatible with your model.

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