Art Posters

Art Posters

There is something about blank walls that leaves a space feeling like nobody lives in it. Wall decor can add visual interest to a room and even tie together unmatched furniture with complementary colours. A room with blank, white walls that centres on what sits on the floor can look cluttered and unbalanced. Hanging art helps to alleviate this, and the selection of art posters on eBay is wide enough to suit any personal style. There is a wide range of designs available. A famous art print (traditional or abstract) adds culture to a space, so find a famous Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock print. Display your plain and autographed movie posters; declare your love of a classic like the Godfather or show off your Jurassic Park poster with signatures from the main cast. Vintage advertisements can add grit or whimsy to a space, depending upon the type. It all depends on your personal aesthetic.

Why Choose Art Posters Instead of Traditional Wall Art?

With textile art, paintings, metal wall sculpture and more, one might wonder why posters might be your first consideration. Art posters can be ideal for:

  • Limited budgets: Original paintings, sculptures, and other types of wall art can be pricey. Posters and prints, including matted and framed posters, are generally cheaper but still look great.
  • More room types: Whether it's a bedroom, a home or corporate office, or a dormitory, posters tend to look better.
  • Multiple wall types: Posters are easier to hang on walls that you can't get nails into, such as brick and concrete walls.

What Size Posters Should I Choose?

Posters come in a range of sizes, and the design of your choice may have multiple options, and each of them suit different spaces:

  • Small or Mini: Going from around 6 to 12 inches at their longest dimension, these are great options for cubicles or shared spaces, small enough for you to enjoy at your own desk without crowding anyone that uses the room too.
  • Medium: Going up to 36 inches, these are the standard poster sizes, resembling the posters for movies you see at theaters or that children, teens and college students like to paper their rooms with.
  • Large or Giant: Going up to and even over 60 inches, these are generally better for commercial spaces or living spaces with a lot of blank wall to fill. Turn a white wall into an accent wall with an impressive poster that fills the entire space.

Hang Your Art, Keep Your Deposit

If you're a renter, your walls might be blank because you've been told not to use thumb tacks or nails. The good news is that you can still hang your art posters in a number of ways. Painters' tape and other specialized craft adhesives like poster putty protect your walls without tearing or making holes. Adhesive and suction cup hooks allow you to hang framed or matted artwork, which can be heavier. This lets you beautify your space and stay on good terms with your landlord.