Auto Meter Car & Truck Individual Tachometers

Autometer Tachometers

If you have a classic car, accessories are available to enhance vehicle drivability. Gauges enhance the appearance of the vehicle, while also providing valuable information for the driver. Auto meter instruments called Tachometers are utilized to measure the actual speed of vehicle engines in RPMs or revolutions per minute.

What features does an Autometer Tachometer include?
  • Tachometer: Autometer Tachometers include displays your current RPMs at any given point. The tachometer includes an adjustable redline marker that can be fitted to your particular car. Tachometers are controlled by microprocessors and are able to recollect the measurements over time.
  • Shift Light: This feature is branded with the name Shift-Lite. When used, the displayed RPMs will indicate when you should optimally shift your car. It can be programmed to shift for a more powerful performance or for more fuel efficiency.
  • Back Lighting: The auto gauge and shift lights include incandescent lighting. Some models can be lit with LED.
  • Dual-Range Tachometers: These types of Tachometers have lower, more compressed RPM scales. The upper scale is expanded for resolution, and are compatible with higher rev engines. This includes vehicles that are used for drifting and those used in road races.
How do you install an Autometer Tachometer?
  • 1. Install the wiring: The tachometer needs to be hooked up to your battery, the transmission shifter, the ignition switch (via a fuse), the dash lighting mechanism, and the spark plug coil.
  • 2. Calibrate the tachometer: Once connected to the rest of the car, the tachometer needs to be calibrated to the engine. This is done by setting the ignition to On, without starting the engine. Then set the auto gauge to the proper number of RPMs your engine runs at when in sitting in an idle position.
  • 3. Mount the tachometer: Using the included bracket, mount the tachometer in an area of your car. These gauges are designed to be mounted and visible to the driver. They are commonly placed on the driver dashboard.
How does the Autometer Auto Gauge work?

Based on proper connection to the spark plug coil in your car, the Autometer Tachometer is able to measure the current number of revolutions per minute your engine generates. This provides information to the driver on when it is time to start to shift the vehicle. This product is attached to the ignition of your car, so its only active when the motor is running. If the vehicle is equipped, the shift light will continue to tell you when to shift based on the current gauge display.

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