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AutoMeter Car and Truck Gauges

Cars come with a range of gauges that quickly tell you how the vehicle is operating. An ohm sender, for instance, tests vehicle performance and other important electrical and fuel meters. Understanding these replacement gauges can allow you to use AutoMeter gauges to check your fuel level, heat level, and other quantitive measurements of the cars performance.

What types of meters and gauges are available?

If youre looking for AutoMeter gauges for your car or truck, there are many types of series variations you can pick from. For example, racing meters measure your fuel level. A gauge designed for oil level can let you know when the level is low and needs to be replaced.

Other types of car and truck meters might include mounting items, brake devices, sensors, sports-comp meters, tachometers, floats in your fuel, and speedometers. You can also find meters and gauges for fuel, calibration sensors, plugs, chargers, and more. Most of these are installed by one person on the dashboard of the car.

What kinds of gauges are on a vehicle?

Many vehicles are equipped with multiple gauges to give feedback about the performance of the vehicle. For example, some auto meter gauges are designed to test your fuel levels. Most people who drive a truck or a car are probably familiar with this type of fuel gauge. There are others that control your lights, cruise control, heating and cooling, and the car radio.

A calibration sensor, for example, will let you know if your car is running into any balance problems. Another AutoMeter accessory, the tachometer, measures the speed of your engine. Other types will also signal when youre running out of important liquids in the car such as transmission fluid or wiper fluid. While the fuel level is commonly tested, your oil temperature and the charge of your battery is also measured with these electrical AutoMeter gauges.

Do multiple gauges come in a pack?

Yes, a gauge kit may come as a single gauge piece or in kits of two, three, five, or more pieces.

What are the different display styles?

Displays for the gauges can vary in colors and styles. Most gauges are incandescent with a pointer that shows to the measured value. The color on the display and the numbers can be different. There are also anodized versions which have a digital LED display the values.

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