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Toyota Corolla Automatic Transmission Parts

At its core, an automatic transmission shifts the gears so the driver doesn’t have to. All Toyota Corollas come equipped with automatic transmissions, but manual transmissions are optional on some vehicle models. When your Corolla’s mileage reaches a certain point, it may become necessary to replace its transmission or some of its parts.

How does a Toyota Corolla transmission work?

A Toyota transmission’s primary job is to get power from the engine to the tires while keeping the engine at a healthy rpm, or revolutions per minute, value. This frees the driver from changing gears when the car speeds up and slows down. It allows the car to reach the variety of speeds and outputs required for it to move. Since no manual shifting is required, the driver is able to drive with both hands on the wheel and focus on the road.

What parts are in a Toyota Corolla’s transmission?

A Toyota transmission has to do several different jobs to keep your car running. Its composed of several different parts that work together to allow your Corolla to accelerate and decelerate smoothly.

  • Planetary gear set: The planetary gear set, also called the gear pump, is the primary component. It’s the mechanical system that generates all the different gear ratios that a Toyota Corolla can produce. There are two planetary gear sets arranged into one component that’s about the size of a cantaloupe. All the other parts support the Toyota Corollas planetary gear set.
  • Torque converter: This component keeps the Corolla in gear when it comes to a stop while the engine is running. Its only found in an automatic; you won’t find one in a manual transmission. In a manual transmission, a clutch connects the engine to the manual transmission. A Toyota torque converter takes the place of a clutch. It’s the device that disconnects the engine from the transmission when you apply the brake while driving. Without it, the vehicle would shut off every time you came to a stop.
  • Seals and gaskets: The vehicle’s seals and gaskets keep fluids in the correct places and from leaking out of the Toyota. If you develop a leak, its probably due to a problem with one of the transmissions gaskets or seals. This is a common problem, and its usually relatively easy and affordable to fix.
  • Governor: The Toyota’s governor is a small device that tells the transmission how fast the vehicle is traveling. It spins faster and releases more fluid as the car speeds up and spins slower and releases less fluid as it slows.