Automotive Dent Repair Kits and Tools

Paintless dent removal, also called PDR, is a process designed to remove dents in vehicles without damaging the paint. Different tools allow technicians working in body shops to help their customers and make repairs. PDR products can help you get customers in and out of your shop quickly or fix your own vehicle.

What are some of the different types of PDR tools?

Before you search for a repair kit, look at individual PDR tools. This gives you an idea of which products and supplies you can use with each auto in your shop. Paintless dent repair tools usually come in two different styles that won't damage vehicles.

  • Puller tab: This is a type of paintless dent removal tool that uses suction. You place it on the auto dent that you see, form a tight seal, and slowly pull back to pop the depression out.
  • Slide hammer: Slide hammers are larger in size and have a T-shape. These tools require that you put the metal end on the depression and tighten a spring inside to pull out the depression.
What comes in a complete kit?

If you work in a repair shop that does PDR work, a complete kit might be a good choice. These kits come with a puller tab, slide hammer, and other tools to do body work. You'll get a selection of bridges, which are the pieces that form the suction in a puller tab. Those bridges help you span the entire width or length of the depression. This helps you remove the problem without using as much pressure. Kits also come with handles that help you get a better grip on the tool as you work. You may get some smaller sized tabs that let you do quick jobs outside of your shop. Each tool lets you do paintless dent repair work without causing any damage to the paint.

What are some types of puller tabs?

Paintless dent repair tools like these actually come in a few different styles. The first is a more basic piece that looks like a hand weight. It has a rubber end that you put on the dent and a handle on the top. These PDR products require more pressure to remove depressions. Another version of this paintless dent repair is larger in size. It comes with a base that you can expand to fit over the dent. You'll also get a variety of rubber pieces in different sizes to do body work. These products make it easy to swap out the rubber pieces.