Automotive Shop Equipment & Supplies

Automotive shop equipment is not just for professionals, but is ideal for use in the home mechanic's garage. In addition to having tools in your toolbox, add some larger equipment to help you get the job done right.

Lift it up
There are two major ways to lift up a vehiclean automotive lift and jacks. With a lift, you get the advantage of the car being lifted completely off the ground, often high enough that you can stand under it to work. Jacks are used for lifting one side, either the front or back of the vehicle at a time. Floor jacks are the most popular for at-home auto repair.

Light it up
Sometimes it's hard to see when working underneath the car or the hood so make sure you choose lighting when gathering your garage supplies. Holding a flashlight while working is not always an option especially when working under the hood. One way to avoid holding a light or having a friend hold it is to use a light that will hook onto the hood and then direct its beam to the area where you are working. Another option is a standing light placed on the floor beside the car.

Diagnostic Testing
Don't forget to add tools that allow you to do diagnostic testing on your vehicle to your mechanic shop equipment. Choose an all-in-one tool that is specially designed to activate any known OEM TPMS sensors, reprogram the vehicles ECU and turn off warning lights.

Hydraulic Air Compressor
Having a hydraulic air compressor is essential to running air tools and is perfect for adding air to your tires. Stop going to the gas station and paying for air. Just do it yourself. Compressors are available in various sizes to meet your needs.

Having all the auto shop supplies you need makes it easier to work on automobiles. Turn your garage into more than just a place to park your car, make it a place that your friends will envy.