Axle Parts for Honda Accord

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Honda Accord Axle Parts

The axle is a vital component of all cars and trucks; your Honda Accord’s tires wouldn’t turn without them. As your Honda ages, it may become necessary to replace the Honda Accord axle parts, so it’s important for you to understand how they work. It’s also important for you to buy the correct parts for your vehicle’s make, model, and year.

What does a Honda Accord’s axle do?

Axles are shafts that connect an Accord’s four wheels and allow them to spin. They also support the Accord’s weight. On a Honda, they transfer torque from the car’s transmission and power from its engine to the car’s wheels. Their design has improved over time, resulting in more efficient fuel economy.

Front wheel drive Honda Accords typically combine the vehicle’s front axle with the car’s transmission into a transaxle. Rear-wheel drive Hondas typically connect the vehicle’s engine with the car’s driveshaft, and the driveshaft turns the drive axle at the rear of the Accord.

Most cars have a split axle with universal links housed between two half axles. Constant velocity links connect the half axle to each of the Accord’s tires. This lets each tire pivot when turning, have independent suspension, and turn at different speeds, which increases the life of the Accord’s tires. It also improves its tire traction.

What are the parts of a Honda Accord’s axle?

A Honda Accord’s axle is composed of several different parts that allow its tires to spin and turn. If you could view it while it was working, you would see its parts working in tandem to allow the tires to shift and turn in response to the steering shaft’s movements.

  • Driveshaft: Driveshafts, also called propeller shafts, are used in rear-wheel-drive, front engine vehicles, and four-wheel-drive cars. They’re made from a hollow, steel tube that is lightweight and strong. Its main function is to deliver torque from the engine and transmission to the other end of the Accord.
  • Differential: The differential is part of the rear axle. It splits the torque from the engine two ways. The differential allows the front and back tires to rotate at different speeds while delivering an equal supply of power to the front and back tires.
  • Knuckle: The knuckle allows the Honda Accord’s axle to execute its steering function.
  • Ball joints: These parts connect the steering knuckle to the axle housing. They hold the axle in position while the Honda Accord is steered.
  • CV joints: These connect the axle with the front and back tires. They’re covered by a protective, flexible covering called a boot. If the boot gets cracked, brake fluid can leak in and cause damage.