Axle Parts for Honda Odyssey

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Honda Odyssey Axle Parts

The Honda Odyssey has earned its reputation as a family-friendly minivan, thanks to its beneficial features and smooth drive performance. If an Odysseys axles are damaged, however, this drive performance will be compromised. When Honda drivers suspect their vehicles axles are malfunctioning, they should get their Odyssey repaired as soon as possible.

What is the function of the axles?

The axles may not have the name recognition of the engine or the tires, but without axles, the tires simply wont spin. In their most basic form, axles are bars that connect to the wheels. They keep them spinning by transferring the necessary torque from other vehicle components. These bars also provide support to the Honda Odysseys chassis. When an axle breaks, the tires have a difficult time functioning, and the Honda Odyssey has less structural support.

What kind of transmission does the Honda Odyssey have?

Most Honda Odyssey minivans are equipped with front-wheel-drive technology. This means that the vehicles transmission system powers the front tires only. These drivetrains are fuel efficient, smaller, and require less power during operation. With this system, the axles transfer power from the transmission to the tires. Vehicles equipped with front-wheel-drive usually have the following axle structure:

  • Axles: There are left and right axles, designed to correspond to the two sides of the Honda Odyssey. They both have inner and outer joints.
  • Constant velocity joints: These ball-and-socket joints connect the axles to the driving shafts on one side and the wheels on the other. The joints connected to the tires experience more wear and tear, and they usually fail first.
  • Boots: Rubber boots are often placed over the CV joints to protect them from damage.
What are common signs of axle malfunction?

If a Honda Odyssey minivan has malfunctioning axles, you may experience the following:

  • Tire grease: If the rubber protective parts of the axle assembly are damaged, grease might leak out onto the tires.
  • Turning noises: When axles become old and worn down, the joints start to slacken. This causes a loud clicking noise thats noticeable whenever your Honda makes a turn. The sound may increase when you make sharp, fast turns. If you hear this sound, you should take note of which side its coming from. This can help you determine the location of the faulty axle.
  • Vehicle vibrations: Axles dont just ensure smooth turns; they also support the Honda vehicles weight. When they start to go bad, the entire Honda Odyssey may start to vibrate. This is a definite sign that its time to get replacement axles for the Odyssey.
How should I select replacement axle parts for my Honda?

When choosing replacement Honda Odyssey parts, its important to know what youre looking for. The axles and component parts may only be compromised on one side of the car. Once you’ve determined what axles you need, you can choose between parts made by Honda and parts made by aftermarket manufacturers. Either may be compatible depending on the year and model of your Honda Odyssey.