BBQ and Grill Replacement Parts

BBQ replacement components are available for gas grill and charcoal units. The propane options include pipes, grates, and adaptors, and many holding trays and fans are available for charcoal grills. BBQ replacement parts are available for both large and compact BBQs and grills.

What are the specs for a gas grill gasket?

Grill gaskets that are designed for a gas grill are typically 1/2 and 1/8 inches. Gaskets are practical options for BBQ situations that involve high heat, because the material can handle the prolonged high temperatures that are generated throughout the cooking process.

What replacement options are available for propane and charcoal grills?

Many products that distribute propane gas effectively and safely are available. The propane valves for a gas grill are constructed out of rugged material. These parts can circulate propane that is stored in a 100-pound container. Replacement fire pots made from stainless steel are available for charcoal grills. A fire pot boosts safety because:

  • It can be used to light a fire properly when direct or indirect heat is needed.
  • The stainless steel housing keeps a fire going when winds generate in an environment.
  • The frame will not wobble during cooking routines because the housing can be screwed into place.
What grate options are available?

Grate products are built with strategically spaced gaps that let grease drop away from food. Porcelain, steel, and iron are just some of the material options that are used to make a traditional grate for a gas or charcoal grill. Depending on the brand, there may be an enamel coating on the surfaces. The enamel component prevents sticking when delicate foods are grilled at high temperatures.

What replacement options can resolve a leak?

Hoses that are designed with an adapter can stop a slow leak. Most products are around 5 feet long and are suitable for propane grills and outdoor stoves. The component on the end of the product has a mechanism that fits on a traditional propane tank. This hardware is designed with a special coating that keeps the line protected throughout harsh weather conditions, and the exterior and interior material can handle intense gas pressure.

What is an igniter kit composed of?

Igniter replacement hardware options are available as bundles. A general kit may contain an igniter, an igniter button, and a battery.

What propane valve options are available?

Traditional valves for propane are available with a convenient adjustment mechanism. Unique valves with quick mounting hardware are also available.