Finding Outstanding BMW Cars and Trucks

Bavarian Motor Works, or BMW, has been at the forefront of quality automotive design and engineering since 1916. BMW continues to make quality German-engineered vehicles in all forms. It helps to see what you will find when looking for a high-performance vehicle from the company, and many of these models are available through the listings on eBay, which offer them at a multitude of price points in new or used condition.

Why Are the Numbers Important?

You will notice that many BMW car names are arranged by numbers. You can identify what a classic or all-new BMW vehicle is like by using the following points when reading the numerical name:

  1. The first number is the model series the car is in. A 327 or 335 would be in the 3-Series, for instance.
  2. The other two numbers reflect the engine displacement. A 528 is a 5-Series vehicle that includes a 2.8L engine, for example.
  3. An added letter at the end will reflect a certain feature. A 550d is a 5-Series 5.5L diesel model, while a 740i is a 7-Series 4.0L vehicle that features a fuel injected gas engine. A GT or Gran Turismo variant includes a turbo-charged engine and still retains a sleek body that stands out while you are driving.
Reviewing Numbers

The series of cars that BMW offers include several choices that fit in their own series:

  • The 1, 2, and 3-Series entails compact or subcompact sedan cars.
  • The 4-Series includes many coupe and convertible models.
  • The 5-Series focuses on mid-size and executive cars.
  • Full-size vehicles are found in the 6-Series and 7-Series. Some of these models include V-8 and V-10 engines.
Look For the X

The X series of SUVs from BMW is worth checking out as well. From the subcompact BMW X1 to the larger BMW X3 crossover and the BMW X5 luxury design, you can find many types of SUVs from the company for your driving needs. Some of these vehicles, like the BMW X6, include a coupe headline for a slimmer look.

The M Series Performs Well

You can also find high-performance vehicles in the BMW M series. Originally designed for motorsport use, the M vehicles include many two-door and four-door coupe, roadster, and sedan models with stronger engine designs. The M3 offers a twin-turbo power source that uses two turbochargers instead of one, for example. You can also find M5 models with different drive features; M5 cars from 2016 or earlier use a rear-wheel-drive system, while newer models have a front-wheel-drive layout.

Remember that you can find many BMW cars today with many of them being distinct ex-showroom models. Look around to see what vehicles are the most interesting to you. Whether it is a car from the model year 1942 or 2002, you will surely find something worthy of your interest.

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