Baccarat Art Glass

King Louis XV of France gave permission to create the Baccarat Company in 1764. While the first products made by the company were windows, mirrors, crystal, and stemware, the company soon expanded to make a large variety of items from glass.

What are some examples of items made by Baccarat?

The company made and continues to make many different types of products, including the following:

  • Stemware: King Louis XV, Czar Nicholas I, King Charles X, and President Franklin Roosevelt all commissioned special glasses, decanters, and other items.
  • Paperweights: The company made their first cane paperweights in the 1840s, and they later made millefiori paperweights. While some have geometric designs inside them, many feature cats and butterflies.
  • Perfume bottles: These bottles often show influences of art styles from the era in which they were made including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Surrealism.
  • Vases: Vases are available in a variety of sizes and patterns.
  • Figurines: The company made figurines in a variety of shapes and colours including red, blue, black, green, clear, and yellow. Cats, butterflies, bears, people, angels, and more are available.
  • Candle holders: Clear crystal candle holders and candelabras have been made since about 1816, and they continue to be made.
  • jewellery: The company made its first jewellery pieces in 1993, and it has made necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces.
What are some types of grounds found in Baccarat crystal paperweights?

The ground of a paperweight is the background that the motif sits on. The company used several different styles of grounds, which are described here:

  • Carpet: This ground is made by placing identical canes close together.
  • Clear: Clear choices were often created.
  • colour: Translucent, transparent, or opaque coloured canes were used.
  • Flash: A thin coating of transparent glass was applied to the base.
  • Goldstone: Miniscule metallic flakes were mixed with the canes to make these grounds.
  • Jasper: Two or more layers of finely ground glass was used to make these mottled grounds.
  • Sand: Unmelted sand, mica, or other materials were mixed with the canes to make these grounds.
  • Muslin: Short lengths of filigree tube were wrapped around a hollow cane to give the appearance of lace.
How do you buy Baccarat pieces?

Choosing Baccarat pieces can be difficult with so many unique objects when you want to add one to your collection. Following some guidelines may help you in the selection process.

  • Select a type: There are glasses, vases, paperweights, figurines, candle holders, and more.
  • Select a material: You'll find crystal, glass, and other options
  • Select a pattern: Butterfly, Harcourt, sunflower, and rose tiente to name a few patterns.
  • Select a colour: Red, blue, black, yellow, and other colours may be available.
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