Bacchus Electric Guitars

Get to Know the Bacchus Electric Guitars

Handmade by luthiers in Japan with standard, mass-produced hardware, Bacchus electric guitars are often based on famous guitars from the past. Examples include several guitars from the golden age of rock like Eric Claptons Gold Leaf Stratocaster. You can find that one and more new and pre-owned models of the Bacchus electric guitar on eBay.

Common features of Bacchus electric guitars

Bacchus makes a wide range of guitars with a variety of features.

  • Body type: Most Bacchus models feature a design that is classic of the rock era. These guitars are available in Stratocaster, Telecaster, SG, and Flying V-type body shapes and let musicians play on handcrafted facsimiles of the classics.
  • Tonewoods: Ash, pine, maple, and mahogany are among the tonewoods used. Tonewoods used in Bacchus fingerboards include rosewood and ebony.
  • Finish: Finishes on these instruments can include a clear coat that shows off the grain of the wood, which is common. Other options include sunburst finishes.
  • Strings: Most Bacchus electric guitars have six strings. Basses are also available in four- and five-string configurations.
  • Electric vs. acoustic: Bacchus parent company started out by making acoustics. However, over time, this brand has become well-known because of the quality electric guitars they produce.
What types of Bacchus guitars are there?

Bacchus makes such a wide range of guitars with plenty of guitars geared to rock, blues, and jazz players, so theres something for everyone. Pre-owned Bacchus electric guitars are available in nearly every body type, too. Everything from an 80s hair-metal-style Flying V to the classic Jazzmaster and Stratocaster body types are available. Most Bacchus guitar models feature a design based on American classics.

Does Bacchus make bass guitars?

Bacchus makes bass guitars in both four- and five-string varieties with the Jazz Bass body type being one of the most common for basses in this range. Basses produced by Bacchus are known for their tone.

Common hardware on Bacchus guitars

With such a wide range of body types, Bacchus electric guitars also come with a variety of hardware combinations.

  • Frets: Most of these guitars have 22 frets, which is standard. However, Bacchus does make a fretless bass.
  • Bridge: TL and T3 style bridges are common in these guitars.
  • Vibrato: Vibrato (or whammy) bars are typical for most these guitars as they are great for people who love to rock out. It also allows you to change pitches with ease.
  • Tone and volume: Tone and volume controls are standard on all Bacchus electric guitars.
  • Pickups: Bright, clear, single-coil pickups are common on Bacchus instruments. Humbuckers, with their grungier sound, are also available.
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