Buy a Barebones Laptop to Customize Your Experience

A barebones laptop can be a great way to start building the custom computer that you want. Instead of building your laptop from the ground up, a barebones laptop will already include some of the basic systems and features you would install. You can shop eBay to find an affordable barebones laptop kit that is able to complete the functions that you need.

What features are in a barebones laptop?

The specific features or hardware in a barebones laptop shell can vary from model to model. If you already have some idea of the kind of system you'd like to end up with, you can use the categories on eBay to find the basic design you want. Some common things that almost every barebones laptop should include are listed here:

  • Case: The case is the basic laptop shell. This is where you'll put all the parts and hardware you install.
  • Power supply: Most barebones laptops will include whatever power supply works with the model you buy. This could be a battery, a plug, or some combination of the two.
  • Motherboard: One of the reasons to purchase a barebones kit is to get a shell that already includes a motherboard capable of supporting the hardware you want.
Can a barebones laptop include any accessories?

Some laptop shells you will find on eBay may include additional features or parts. Note that most of these parts relate to hardware that you may wish to swap out or install yourself. Although you won't find a processor or a disk drive in most cases, you might find a kit that includes features such as those listed below:

  • Cards: Some barebones models may include a video card, a sound card, or both.
  • CD drive: The disc drive allows you to play or write to compact discs. It is not a standard storage drive.
  • Peripherals: You may find barebones laptops that come with one or more peripherals like a keyboard, a mouse, or speakers.
What are some benefits of a barebones laptop?

The precise advantages you experience with your barebones kit depend on the model you choose and the hardware you get with it. It may also depend on the new or refurbished condition of the laptop. However, some potential benefits of these kits are described here:

  • Saving time: If you want to build your own laptop, you will need the routine parts that typically come in a barebones laptop shell. Purchasing these parts as part of a kit can save you time.
  • Power components: You'll have a basic system ready, but you'll still be able to install the type of processor, memory sticks, and hard drive that you want.