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Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note

Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note

When you are searching for add-ons for your Samsung phone, a battery case is one of the first things you might seek. These cases protect your phone while holding a charge. They are designed with adapters that allow them to provide your phone with electrical power when its battery is not working or it is out of power.

What is a battery case?

A battery case is used to provide power for an electronic device. Included in the case will be a battery or multiple batteries and the things needed to connect the case to the device.

These cases can be used for the following circumstances:

  • Replacement: A battery case can be used if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note with a built-in battery that no longer holds a charge.
  • Augmenting: A battery case can add additional battery power to your Samsung Galaxy Note without tampering with the phones internal hardware.
  • Features: You may want to use a battery case for the additional features that come with some battery packs.
Do Samsung Galaxy Note battery cases work with other products?

This depends largely on the type of case you buy. Some cases have compatibility with multiple products, while others do not. Many cases optimized for the Galaxy will work for any device in the Note 8 line.

What is the storage capacity of a battery case?

Battery cases deliver backup power capabilities to your phone. You might use them if your current battery does not hold a charge or if you need to continue using a phone whose battery has recently died. The amount of energy that a case can hold varies from case to case. Some cases have a mAh capacity of 2950. Others have much higher capacities, such as 5500 mAh. When you want to understand the storage capacity, you should look for the mAh rating of the case. A larger number means more power storage.

What other features do battery cases have?

Cases come with a variety of other features to choose from.

Here are a few of the features available:

  • Wireless: Some cases have the ability for wireless charging, which means that you do not have to deal with the charging cord.
  • Customized fit: Cases may be optimized to fit your phone and customized to your phones size and shape.
  • Fall protection: Many battery cases will help protect against fall damage should you drop your phone on a hard surface.
  • LED lights: Some cases employ LED lights to indicate that the power is connected and whether or not the case is charging.
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