All The Bazooka Bass Tubes You Can Handle

Bass tubes are a popular design for the Bazooka brand that is known for its 10-inch subwoofer and its BT series. The BT series is part of a dynamic collection that has premade enclosures and low frequencies for powerful bass output. These models are flexible and can be used on a patio bar, for home entertainment, and even for a complete audio setup in a vehicle.

Can these be used as car subwoofers?

The design of BT subwoofers are stabilized by a tube that makes it optimal for being used as car subwoofers and provide great audio. These amplified bass tube enclosures can be anchored in the rear or trunk without the voice coil being exposed. The woofer operates on a low ohm frequency that enables a deep, thrusting sensation you can get while driving. Automobile subwoofers by this manufacturer can have watts as high as 250 and as low as 100. Each design feature is dependent on the usage, which is categorized as marine use or standard dry vehicle applications. Mounting brackets are also made by the agency, and this enables stabilization in a number of configurations.

What can you expect with Bazooka subs?

You can expect these features:

  • Cabinet material: The cabinets from this manufacturer are made from tested plastics that are lightweight, resistant to water, and enable a hard, protective shell to surround the sub and its voice coil. These tubes are designed to help in amplifying sound through sealed and vented configurations. Sealed models are enclosed completely and with no opening within the enclosure. Vented models help to push more low frequencies out through small openings that channel air into a central location, where it is pressurized for greater effect.
  • Frequencies: The BT series has a common frequency at the range of 39 hertz. The Bazooka is flexible, however, as it creates a hertz range of 1,000 to enable higher frequencies if using this bass amp for the entire sound system of a vehicle.
  • Impedance rated in ohms: Impedance is necessary in a subwoofer in order to sustain low frequencies, which have a pressurizing effect on all components sustaining sound. That pressure must be matched with the right impedance, and this impedance is a resistive factor that allows bass to work without being distorted. The specs of these woofers are often rated at 4 or more ohms of resistance that enable a sustained effect of low frequencies.
How many subwoofers do bass frequencies need?

A car only needs one bass tube subwoofer speaker to reach low frequencies that can complete a cars audio system. The bass component is only part of a sound system that also uses treble and mid-range frequencies. These frequencies can be obtained through a woofer, but are often done through standard speakers while the Bazooka bass tube is looked to for managing the lower ranges.

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