Bedroom Furniture Sets

Bedroom furniture sets consist of different pieces of furniture that are designed for the bedroom. Each piece serves a unique purpose, whether it's a dresser, queen size bed, or other piece. Other than functionality, they also add beauty to your bedroom.

What comprises a bedroom furniture set?
  • Chests: These are usually upright and contain several rows of drawers meant to hold personal items such as clothes. There are different types of chests available, including tallboys, highboys, and lingerie chests.
  • Armories: These are tall cupboards with shelving. They were traditionally used for the storage of linens and clothing. However, they have adapted to accommodate a variety of uses. They are appropriate options for those who want to add additional storage to their bedrooms.
  • Storage chests: These resemble large rectangular boxes with lids designed to store seasonal clothing, comforters, and blankets. The ones made out of cedar have the ability to resist decay and dampness as well as repel insects.
  • Bedroom benches: These serve as convenient spaces for setting down purses, depositing laundry before it is stashed away, or putting on shoes. They can range from wooden chest benches to upholstered benches.
  • Blanket racks: These are multitiered pieces of furniture that are used in the storage of bedspreads, blankets, or comforters. They allow for easy accessibility of blankets as well as a display of heirloom quilts or decorative comforters.
  • Bed headboards: These are pieces of furniture designed for housing mattresses. There are many different types and styles, including poster beds, sleigh beds, panel beds, and canopy beds.
How do you choose a bedroom set?

You can choose to use a similar style for the decor of your bedroom as that of the other rooms in your house so as to create a unified and cohesive look throughout your house. Alternatively, you could incorporate different flairs in different rooms. You could also mix bits of different styles in the same bedroom. Consider whether your other room styles are contemporary, casual, eclectic, country, modern, or traditional. If you're still in doubt, have a look at your favourite items, such as paintings, vases or even a piece of clothing that you like. These will provide hints as to what your decorative flair is. When it comes to bedroom sets, consider incorporating a design with calming elements in it, such as colour, lighting, or patterns that will aid in creating a serene and restful atmosphere.

What materials are used to make bedroom furniture sets?

They can be made out of an array of materials. The type of material you select is an important factor in determining the quality of the set. Some of the materials used include leather, faux marble, by-cast leather, medium density fiberboard, metal, marble, particle board, and wood veneers. Furniture cast out of wood veneers and solid wood is generally beautiful, durable, and strong. In addition, solid wood can be worked on to add exquisite design elements and details directly onto the furniture. Also, wood can be finished in an array of colours that can enhance the textures and beautiful grain of the furniture. Engineered wood, such as particleboard and MDF, are manufactured out of a variety of wood fibers glued together under pressure and heat.