Bicycle Decals & Stickers

Bicycle Decals and Stickers

Stickers and decals let riders spruce up their bicycles to make a fashion statement or to make themselves more visible. These decorations can feature names, phrases, or illustrations and are designed to fit on frames, wheels, handlebars, or seats. Decals and stickers for bicycles come in many sizes and colours and are often made of vinyl.

What types of decals and stickers for bicycles are there?

Decals and stickers for bikes tend to showcase a brand or simple graphics, such as flames or arrows, or imagery that reflects the rider's personality. When choosing a sticker, you may want an amusing phrase, political statement, or philosophical quote, or you might favour graphics such as flowers, cartoons, or psychedelic patterns. If you wish for drivers and pedestrians to see you more clearly at night, you should also consider reflective decals.

How do you apply bicycle stickers or decals to bicycles?

When placing a decal or sticker on your bike, follow these steps carefully, so you do not have to reapply the decoration:

  • Marking: Using a rag, wipe the surface of the bike free of grime, and then mark off the area you want to adorn with masking tape, taking care to leave some space on the margins.
  • Placing: After peeling the decal or sticker from its backing, carefully press the decoration onto the bike, so no air bubbles get trapped. Use a hair dryer to heat the frame before applying a foil decal. Peel off the application tape.
  • Finishing: Once you take off the masking tape, you should apply a clear coat to the bike, plus a lacquer finish to the bicycle stickers if desired.
What are some features of vinyl decals and stickers?

Vinyl bicycle decals and stickers are cut from vinyl cutters or printed onto the material with a wide-format printer. The article has a soft, plush texture and a glossy surface. Stickers made of vinyl have many features that make them suitable for bikes.

  • Durability: Vinyl bike stickers can last for years without peeling or tearing, and you can clean them with dish soap after a ride through the mud.
  • Fade Resistance: Vinyl retains colour for many years, so riders do not have to replace their stickers often.
  • Crispness: After printing, vinyl decals for bikes are hand-pruned of negative space, giving them crisp edges that stand out.
  • Adhesiveness: Vinyl stickers and decals cling firmly to bike surfaces as soon as you apply them.