Bicycle Handlebar Grips, Tape & Pads

Bicycle Handlebar Grips, Tapes, and Pads

These practical handlebar accessories are designed to offer enhanced levels of efficiency and comfort while steering your bicycle. Grips, tapes, and pads are meant to help riders implement various steering procedures on trails and paths more easily, and these products are specifically engineered to boost performance and handling. Professional-grade handlebar products are offered in a number of brands and design options for traditional bicycles and sporty equipment.

What are the options for bicycle handlebar products?

If you need help maintaining proper handling on rough trails sometimes encountered in wilderness zones, you can upgrade the handlebars on a mountain bike by placing grips on the housing. Mountain bike grips and tapes are designed with unique features meant to be used on bikes ridden in areas that have gravel, mud, dust, or dirt trails.

Bikes that are used for stunts can benefit from upgraded handlebar accessories as well, and this is why many brands make tapes and grips for BMX or other products. Units for these bikes are engineered strategically for stunt situations to help allow riders to land on different terrains with a minimized level of risk. Professional-grade handlebar bicycle accessories are used for stunts that involve routines on ramps. During intense jumps, these grips are designed to rotate the bicycle handlebars due to the coating on the material that is meant to provide efficient traction.

Racing tapes and grips can upgrade a bike that doesn't handle well on a race course. Throughout off-road races, handlebar grips and tapes can boost precision and handling where general hazards that are found on rugged trails and paths can impact steering. By placing a grip on a racing bike, the process of steering should be easier because these products give you opportunities to make strategic steering adjustments after your tires roll over stumps and other hazards. If an accessory is needed for a racing bike that doesn't travel quickly, products that are designed to help include a tape or grip for a cruiser.

What are some bike accessory design options?

Since tapes, grips, and other bike accessories are designed in a variety of colours, you can easily upgrade a bicycle without having to reconfigure the entire bicycle. If you want to enhance a bike that has a simple colour scheme, a solid tape or grip can stand out. Tapes and grips that are designed with many patterns are suitable options for colourful bikes that come in a variety of shades.