Bicycle Handlebars

Bike Handlebars

A bike is a sophisticated piece of equipment with many intricate systems and moving pieces. Bike handlebars are important components in the construction of a bike, so it's a good idea to choose one or more type that you feel comfortable and relaxed using while riding. Whether you choose a riser bar, a flat bar, or a carbon fiber model designed for efficiency, you can easily customize the experience of your bike to your personal preferences.

Are bike handlebars lightweight?

Road bike and mountain bike bars are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic so that you can efficiently travel long distances or go over rough terrain. Depending on the type of bike you own, you may decide to choose a bar designed for speed or comfort. Most models of handlebar are both lightweight and aerodynamic, making them ideal for all of the following and more:

  • Professional cyclists competing in tournaments
  • Hobbyists riding long distances or along trails for fun
  • Competitive amateurs looking to break records
  • Health-conscious athletes striving to stay active
Are bike handlebars easy to replace?

Most bikes require you to loosen just one bolt when changing out your handlebar. Many models of bikes that are built for speed and efficiency feature quick-release latches for unfastening the brake lines and stem. If you decide to replace the bar on your bike out on the road or trail, the entire process should take no longer than a few minutes. With compact, lightweight bike parts, you can easily carry the extra equipment without any inconvenience.

What is the difference between flat bars and riser bars?

These two options enable you to choose how far you lean forward when riding a mountain bike. Riser bars facilitate a more upright posture, whereas straight handlebars put users into a crouched, aerodynamic position. Your choice should depend on whether you want greater speed or agility on your cycling tour. If you plan to ride your bike on mountainous terrain, riser bars may be the way to go. If you'll mostly be travelling on smooth roads, a straight bar could be the appropriate choice.

What is the advantage of using Aerobar handlebars?

These handlebars for road bikes from Profile Design are specially constructed to provide comfort for extended tours cross-country or around the city. They feature contoured bar ends and grips that make it easy to balance your weight in the saddle without putting excess pressure on your wrists and elbows. Profile Design makes a wide range of Aerobar models that are suitable for any riding style. Whether you prefer to lean forward with your elbows supported by pads or you'd rather hold the grips of a drop handlebar, you have more than enough choices.

How do you care for cycling handlebar parts?

It's important to regularly clean and oil the handlebar parts on your bike to maintain optimal condition. You may want to disassemble the parts after riding through rain or mud so that you can thoroughly clean them and allow them to dry. It's also a good idea to keep extra equipment on hand in case you need to use your bike while your grips, bar ends, or riser handlebars are drying.