Bicycle Pedals

Bicycle Pedals

Bike pedals can help you translate your energy into speed. They're made out of sturdy material that can live up to many miles of cycling. When selecting a component for a bike, you can take into account what type of riding you'd like to do.

How do bicycle cleats and pedals work?

They secure to each other so that the bike rider can get the most power out of every rotation. The bike shoe is firmly attached in the correct position, with the ball of the foot over the pedal axle. When you're clicked in, you can push down on the first half of the stroke and also pull up through the second half of the stroke. This optimizes your efficiency.

How do you use clipless pedals?

When clipless models are installed on your bike, you'll also have to use proper shoes. The cleats on the bottom of cycling shoes are designed to attach to clipless pedals. When you're ready to ride, you'll be able to do the following:

  1. Keep one foot on the ground and place your other foot on the bicycle pedal.
  2. Push down until the cleat locks into place.
  3. Place your other foot on a pedal and push down until it clicks as you begin moving.
  4. Unclip by twisting your heels outwards to release.
Why is it called a clip-less pedal?

The bicycle term came about as a result of what cyclists previously used. People on bikes used to rely on toe-clips to maximize efficiency. The toe-clips came with straps, and those components kept feet firmly in place. The next generation of bike technology included a system that didn't involve any clips. Therefore, they were referred to as clip-less pedals.

Clip-less pedals generally fall into one of two systems, which are explained below:

  • Three bolt clip-in system: These systems use large plastic cleats that are attached to the bottom of cycling shoes with three bolts. Bicycle riders have to use the correct side of the pedal system to lock in, since they only have one clip mechanism. They're commonly used on road bikes.
  • Two bolt clip-in system: This system is more commonly used by mountain bikers and commuters. The cleat is relatively smaller and only uses two bolts to attach to bike shoes. You can clip in to the hybrid or mountain bike pedals on either side. Many MTB athletes prefer this system.
What are SPD bicycle pedals and platform pedals?

SPD stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. Shimano came up with a SPD-SL system in which a small cleat is placed in a small recess on the shoe. Shimano has expanded its line to include road bike and mountain bike SPD parts. Some are single-release and others are multi-release cleats (which can either be released by a twist or an upwards heel pull). You can use an allen key to adjust the system, making it easier or harder to remove bike shoes.

Platform pedals are flat pedals that are used by many beginners and casual bicycle riders. Flat pedals have a stable surface and can fit any shoe. Crank Brothers manufactures many versions of platform pedals.