Bicycle Stands & Storage

Bicycle Stands and Storage

Having some sort of bicycle stand or rack can help you keep your bike safe and secure. It can also allow for an organized system of storage. There are various stands and storage systems available for one or multiple bicycles.

What are the options for just one bike?

If you only have one bicycle to take care of, you can purchase a smaller product. A stand or mount could go on the wall; on the floor of an interior room, shed, or garage; or be attached to a ceiling. You could consider:

  • Delta Shop Rack: This has triangulated arms on the base that can hold a bicycle steady. It has rubberized feet, so it can be used on any type of surface.
  • TransIt Hang 1 Bike Hanger: This slim piece can be mounted to a wall with the included hardware. It has a wire-padded hook on which you can hang a bike by its tire.
  • Racor PBH-1R Bike Lift: This lift is mounted to the ceiling and uses a rope and pulley system to raise and lower the bike. Hooks are used to latch on to a saddle and handlebar. Using a ceiling can help you take advantage of unused space.
What if you have more than one bicycle?

Some of the smaller stands come in versions designed for two bicycles. In that case, they would just be a little bit taller, wider, or have more hooks to accommodate the extra bicycle. If there are three or more, you could consider:

  • A single-sided grid rack - Most of these can hold up to five bikes, each of which would have their front tire parked in the stand. These can be used anywhere you have a larger space.
  • A wide steel rack - With these types of stands, riders would lean their bikes up against a section of the post and could have the option of securing it with a lock.
What features might you look for in a stand?
  • Ease of use: If you're riding daily, you'll probably want something that's easy to access and use. A stand that sits right on the floor can work for you. If you only ride occasionally, you might consider putting your bicycle up on the wall or hanging it from the garage ceiling. This gives you more floor space.
  • Adjustability: Road, mountain, and fat-tire bicycles all have wheels of different widths. Many of the stands can accommodate road and mountain tires but might not be able to hold anything wider than that. For a fat bike, you can look for something that accommodates your 98-millimeter or wider tires. Gear Up, Bikehand, and Feedback Sports all make wider models of their stands.
  • Material: If any part of the storage system might make contact with your frame, there might be a possibility of scratching your bicycle. You can look for something that's padded with foam or rubber.