Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle Trailers

Bike trailers are two- or three-wheel trailers that can be hitched to the back of your bicycle. Some provide seats for young people who want to come along on your biking excursion. Bicycle trailers come in a variety of different sizes and with distinct advantages depending on the desired use.

What types of bike trailers are there?

There are three main types of trailers for bikes:

  • Child trailers: These trailers are designed to transport children behind your bike.
  • Cargo trailers: These covered, box-like trailers let you haul camping supplies and other gear.
  • Pet trailers: Trailers for pets are designed to secure your dog. They often come with rings to attach a leash.
What are the benefits of using a bicycle trailer?

There are several benefits to outfitting your bike with a trailer designed to haul a child or two. These benefits include:

  • Staying fit: Getting exercise with young kids can be difficult. Attaching a trailer to your bicycle allows you to bring along your children while you get some exercise.
  • Quality time: Bringing a bike trailer when you go for a bike ride allows you to spend quality time with your kids.
  • Bringing supplies: If you are going camping with your bike or you plan to be gone for some time, you can use a cargo trailer to bring extra water, food, or emergency supplies with you.
What should you consider when getting a bicycle trailer?

When looking for a bike trailer, there are several things you want to consider:

  • Size: Bike trailers come in several sizes depending on how many children you want to haul. Some are only designed for one child while others can safely fit two children.
  • Design: You'll want to choose a bike trailer that has good suspension and strong, sturdy frame, especially if you intend to go on trails or slightly uneven terrain. A good suspension keeps the children more comfortable and can help protect them. A rotating hitch is another safety feature to look for in a bike trailer.
  • Handling: If you are an inexperienced cyclist, you may want to go with a smaller trailer. Larger, wider bike trailers are an option for more experienced bike riders. A test drive is a good way to determine if a trailer is the right fit.
  • Wheels: Some bike trailers have two wheels while others have three. If you are hauling a child behind your bicycle, a bike trailer with three wheels provides increased stability.