Birkenstock Sandals and Flip-Flops for Women

Birkenstock sandals and flip-flops for women are designed for comfort and craftsmanship. These classic sandals are durable, stylish, and friendly to the earth. Birkenstock makes a sandal or flip-flop that is right for just about any woman.

How should these sandals fit?

Your heel should be completely in the back of the footbed. The sandal has built-in support that should align with the arch of your foot. Make sure the toe bar of the sandal is underneath your main toe joint. The shoes are designed so that you can grasp the toe bar as you walk. There should be a bit of space between the front of the sandal and the front of your toes.

What are these sandals made of?

It depends on the specific type of sandal or flip-flop. Sandals in the Birkenstock Essentials product line are made completely of an elastomeric polymer called EVA. Most have cork footbeds with comfortable, porous leather "ekte-skinn" insoles and durable EVA outsoles. Classic sandals have leather uppers. Birkenstock makes sandals with Birko-Flor uppers and suede lining. Other sandals have suede uppers lined with suede. Birkenstock also makes sandals with cozy lambskin lining in the footbed.

Are these sandals vegan?

Birkenstock makes vegan footwear. Its footwear is made without leather or wool felt. These sandals do not have animal-based glues or dyes. All shoes in the Birkenstock Essentials product line are made of animal-friendly, waterproof EVA. There are a number of different models in the Birkenstock Essential product line. And most shoes in the Birkenstock Essentials product line come in a variety of colours. Birkenstock also makes a few other vegan sandals and flip-flops, such as:

  • Gizeh microfiber in navy.
  • Gizeh microfiber in pink.
  • Arizona microfiber in cocoa brown.
  • Arizona microfiber in anthracite.
  • Boston microfiber in cocoa brown.
  • Boston microfiber in anthracite.
  • Arizona essentials.
  • Madrid essentials.
  • Gizeh essentials.
What types of Birkenstock sandals for women are available?

These is a wide range of Birkenstock sandals for women. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, and styles. You can find sandals from Birkenstock that are meant to be worn in the water, for example. Here are some other sandals from this brand that you might encounter:

  • Gizeh: A feminine thong sandal with an adjustable buckle.
  • Arizona: A comfortable shoe with two straps and adjustable buckles.
  • Madrid: A stylish sandal that has one wide, adjustable strap close to the toe.
  • Yara: An elegant sandal with a toe band and an ankle strap.