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Audi Q7 Blower Motors

Most cars are built with heating and air conditioning systems, so their components are vital to comfortable driving. The blower motor, as part of your Audi Q7’s heating, is one such component. This small yet necessary piece of machinery makes temperature control possible in your luxury SUV.

How does an Audi Q7 blower motor work?

The blower motor is exactly as its name describes: it’s an electric motor attached to the HVAC fan inside your vehicle. Most cars just need one to power the fan, pushing either warm or cool air through the interior. SUVs like the Q7 typically have theirs in or around the heater box and may have two instead of one.

The operation of this motor is simple. When the vehicle is on and receiving power, so does the motor; it powers the fan, which then pushes whichever type of air you have the temperature controls set to blow. You control the speed through those controls as the air flows either through the heater core or evaporator.

What does an Audi Q7 blower motor need to work?

Besides the motor itself and an electric charge, a blower motor needs a resistor to receive and interpret fan speed commands. This component handles most of the stress put upon the blower motor since it takes all of the commands for the fan. Should it fail, the motor may not be able to power the fan.

How do you know your blower motor is malfunctioning?

There are several indications of a bad or failing blower motor in your Audi Q7, including weak to no airflow or certain fan speeds not working. These may occur simultaneously, so it’s important to pay attention to your Audi’s flow. Even if the rest of the heat and air conditioning systems are working, a faulty blower motor can render them both inoperable.

It would be wise to ensure an outside force isn’t the cause of an apparent breakdown, however. If any of the blower motor’s parts, particularly its resistor, has a problem, it will affect the whole luxury car. Broken control switches and knobs may also lead you to believe the motor has failed. Sometimes, a simple cleaning of the fan is all that’s needed, so careful inspection is important.

If you suspect your Q7’s blower motor has a problem, try one of these tests to see if you can determine the cause.

  • If the motor comes on but you don’t feel any air, it might be a blown fuse. Use a voltmeter to see if this is the case.
  • If the airflow is poor despite your Audi Q7’s engine and the blower motor working, check the fan to see if it’s dirty. You’ll have to remove it from the engine for a full inspection. Check the controls and their wiring if the problem isn’t resolved.
  • If you discover the motor or fan itself is damaged, you should replace it with a new one.