Blower Motors for BMW X5

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Blower Motors for BMW X5

BMW first featured their mid-size SUV, the BMW X5, in 1999. High-use areas that require routine maintenance, such as the heat and A/C units blower motor and parts, may need replaced after some time. With a selection of blower motors and parts for BMW X5, you can find the right replacement for your model year.

What are signs that the BMWs motor resistor needs replacing?

The final stage resistor controls the fan rate on your BMW X5 blower motor. A failed resistor is visible when your HVAC unit is stuck on one cycle or one setting. The resistor controls the motors speed on your BMW. The final stage resistor is usually what causes the air to either stop or work intermittently through your vehicles vent.

What are the signs of a failing BMW blower motor?

One of the symptoms of a blower motor that needs to be replaced is when you begin to notice the air flow through the vents is not as powerful as normal on any speed. Not being able to regulate the air stream is another sign. Its time to have it checked if the blower motor is only functioning on one speed. The final indication is the blower not sending any air through the vent.

Why is the BMWs air conditioner not blowing cold air?

You may want to go through a few logical steps to investigate why your BMW X5s air conditioner is not blowing cold air as it should. First, determine whether the refrigerant has been refilled recently. From there, check to make sure there are no leaks. If you need to go further in your search for causes, check the evaporator and condenser coils to see how clean they are.

The air compressor is the next step. Check the bearings. If you can identify a loud noise coming from the unit when you use it, this might be your problem. If not, go on to the compressors clutch. The last place is the air compressor itself. You may need a complete replacement of this unit.

Does a blown motor relay fuse indicate a serious problem?

The relay on your BMW X5 acts as a switch when it receives a message to circulate air flow or limit the power. The motor relay can overheat the HVAC unit when its not operating properly. The X5s blower system will try and respond by shutting itself down to avoid damage when it registers a surge in current. A blown fuse is one example of system protection. The relay is a critical aspect of your BMW X5s heat and air unit. The repercussions of not servicing the motor relay when you first notice a problem can lead to melted wires and extend to more serious electrical issues.