Board and Traditional Games

If you're looking for some board game suggestions for gifts or family night, you'll find a number of classic and traditional options. Many of these board games are offered in different variations and themes, such as Star Wars editions. To help you choose, consider information such as the type of game, number and age of players, and game components.

What are some strategy games?

As the genre name implies, these games involve forming strategic plans to beat your opponent(s). Some common traditional games include the following:

  • Chess, checkers, and backgammon: These are traditional strategic games for two people. They are available in basic, travel, and multi-game sets. Chess and checkers can use the same gameboard, have 32 and 24 playing pieces, respectively, and can be learned by children as young as 5 years old. Backgammon, which is for ages 6 and older, consists of a board, 30 checkers, and two die.
  • Risk and Battleship: Both of these strategy board games are based around a war premise. Risk is for two to six people who are age 10 or older. It includes cards, five die, and 384 pieces. Battleship has two game cases, 10 ships, 84 red pegs, and 168 white pegs. It is for two people age 7 and up.
  • Mahjong and Dominoes In these strategy games, tiles are used for playing pieces. Mahjong is for four people who are 5 and older, and it uses 144 tiles. Dominoes is for two to four people who are age 5 or older. A set can include 28 or 55 dominoes.
What are some traditional board games?

Most traditional board games have been around for decades and are staples in many households. Some notable releases include the following:

  • Monopoly: This real estate-themed board game is for two to eight players. It includes eight playing pieces, title deeds for the properties, a deck for chance spaces, a deck for community chest spaces, play money, two die, and a board.
  • Clue: As a mystery board game with several players, Clue can be played by the whole family. Clue has a board, six characters, six weapons, 21 cards, notepads, pencils, a solution envelope, and two die.
  • Candyland and Chutes and Ladders: These are both board games for younger children. Candyland is for two to four children who are 3 and older. It has a game board, four tokens, and 44 cards. Chutes and Ladders is for two to four children who are 3 and older. It includes a board, four tokens, and a spinner.
What word board games are available?

Word games are designed to challenge and test your language abilities. Common releases under this genre are listed below:

  • Scrabble: In this classic game, you score points by using letter tiles to create words on a gameboard with a 15x15 grid. Scrabble includes 100 letter tiles, a letter bag, and four letter racks. Some sets may include a timer and score pads.
  • Boggle: This game has a tray that holds 16 lettered die. A lid is placed over the tray, and the die are shaken and settled back into the tray. Then, players have three minutes to make as many words as possible from adjacent letters. Boggle includes the tray, die, lid, and timer.