Selecting a Honda Civic Body Kit

Body kits can help you achieve a unique look for your vehicle if you want to stand out on the road. You can transform a stock Honda Civic into a sporty high-end looking vehicle or alter it to look like a rally car with fog lights. You can find used body kits on eBay that offer numerous creative possibilities.

What are the body kits made with?

The majority of body kits are made with any of the following materials:

  • Polyurethane: Also known as urethane, polyurethane Honda Civic body kits are machine-made using heavy-duty molds to create a solid finish. The body kits can also withstand minor accidents. Aftermarket brands that use urethane alternatives include Xenon, KBD, and Wings West.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass options for the Honda Civic are typically made by hand. They usually do not warp during extreme weather conditions, and paint adheres to fiberglass well. If you are looking for high-end fiberglass options should consider the Duraflex brand that features specialty flex resin.
  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber kits are created to be lightweight yet extremely strong, which can make them good for racing modifications. They come clear-coated and are ready to be used right out of the box. Also, they do not need to be painted.
Do body kits fit over old bumpers or replace them?

The majority of body kits require you to remove the factory-made bumper covers and replace them with those included in the kit. Another type of kit features the front and rear lips, which often attach under the existing bumper.

What makes aftermarket kits different?

Aftermarket kits usually come unfinished to allow for customization. Sometimes, additional surface work is required to achieve the desired fit. Fitment modifications like molding, trimming, and shaving can ensure the part has an ideal fit. Many parts are test-fitted before production.

What is a body kit and what does it contain?

Body kits are additional parts and components that are added to a stock car to modify its body. Body kits are a way to personalize and customize your vehicle for both aesthetic and performance purposes. For example, hood scoops help provide more air to the engine to enhance its performance. Bumper lids and trunk spoilers improve the air dynamics of your car and wider fenders permit wider wheel clearance.

A full body kit comes with a rear bumper, a front bumper, and side skirts. Some may also come with spoilers, fender flares, hoods, and other styling accessories. Be sure to look at the description to identify what is included when making your purchase on eBay.

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