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Bose Headphones

Bose offers several models of wireless headphones. Each model offers a different set of features that include noise cancelling, wired or wireless charging, and Bluetooth capabilities.

How do Bose noise-cancelling headphones work?

Noise-cancelling headphones can sense noise from the microphone on your headphones. The technology creates a "fingerprint" of the sound based on the frequency and amplitude of the sound, and it creates a new wave of white noise that's 180 degrees out of phase with the noise. The new wave allows you to hear conversations or music while blocking the background noise.

How long does the battery last in Bose headphones?

Battery life depends both on usage and on the particular model. For the QuietComfort 35 headphones, battery life is estimated at 20 hours when used wirelessly and 40 hours when used as wired headphones. For the Bluetooth SoundLink headphones, a charge lasts around 15 hours.

When are Bose SoundLink headphones fully charged?

You should allow up to three hours to fully charge your headphones. The indicator on the side of the headphones makes it easy to tell when the charging is complete. While charging, the indicator light glows amber. When fully charged, it glows green.

Are Bose brands of headphones compatible with an iPod Touch?

Bose headphones are designed for listening to music on any device, including an iPod Touch. Wireless Bluetooth options work with your iPod through, allowing you to listen with freedom during workouts or runs. Wireless headphones also leave the audio jack free for other devices. Noise-cancelling headphones allow you to enjoy the audio quality of your music while filtering out background noise.

What is Triport technology?

Noise-cancelling styles such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 include the added feature of active, noise-cancelling technology. While this is a great option, not everyone needs or wants noise-cancelling features. Triport technology offers a more affordable technology that still delivers Bose sound without the noise-cancelling functionality.

Are the QuietComfort 35 headphones wireless?

Yes. The QuietComfort 35 uses Bluetooth to form a wireless connection. These headphones can also be used in wired mode. This is useful if the battery needs to be charged or if you would like to preserve the battery life for extended wireless use at a later time.

Can wireless headphones be paired with both phones and laptops?

Most wireless headphones from Bose can be paired with up to eight different devices, including phones, computers, and external speakers. Usually, the wireless headphones automatically connect to the most recent connection. Step-by-step instructions are available for each Bose model, so you can toggle from one connection to another.

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