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Caliper Parts for Honda Accord

Calipers are a small yet vital part of your Honda Accord. These parts work with your Accords brake pads and rotors to help stop the vehicle, making them an important safety consideration. Because they can experience mechanical wear over time, its useful to know how they work, how to spot signs of wear, and when you might need to replace them.

How do Honda Accord braking systems work?

A caliper is an integral part of your Hondas brake system. This device works with the rest of the cars hydraulic system to slow down or stop it when necessary.

  • When you press your Hondas brake pedal, braking fluid flows through a device called the master cylinder and out to the brake rotors.
  • The device then extends the Accords piston and in turn presses the brake pads and rotors against one another. Once this process is completed, your Honda Accord comes to a stop.
Why buy replacement Honda Accord parts?

The ability to slow or stop your Honda Accord is one of its most vital safety features. A braking disc is an integral part of that system, and you need to check it regularly to ensure that you can slow or stop your vehicle whenever necessary. Braking your vehicle produces intense heat that will eventually affect the rotors, pads, and other parts of the system. If any of these parts fail while you are driving your Accord, you may be unable to stop the vehicle in time to avoid an accident or serious injury. Therefore, its important to make sure each of these mechanisms is replaced at the first sign of wear or failure.

  • Leaking fluid is a common sign that a disc on your Honda has failed. A disc uses pressure from the fluid to extend the piston. Each disc has a seal to keep the fluid inside, and when this seal breaks, it will negatively impact the pressure you can apply when you stop your Accord.
  • If you notice a high-pitched squealing or other abnormal noises coming from your Honda Accord when you slow it down, it could be because a pad is loose or stuck. You should replace these faulty parts as soon as possible to avoid premature wear on your braking system.
  • Your Honda Accord may veer to the left or right if one of its pistons seizes or locks. A stuck piston is often the result of a bad braking unit as the extreme heat has adversely affected its ability to retract the piston when necessary.
How do you install new Honda Accord parts?

Once youve purchased new braking system parts for your Honda, you can use these guidelines to install them:

  • Loosen the lug nuts on your Hondas tires and remove them.
  • Allow the faulty components to drain before removing them from the body of the car.
  • Compress the piston fully and attach the braking line to the new unit.
  • Fit new pads to each device and tighten the bolts to make sure they are held in place securely.
  • Return each wheel to its proper position on your Honda Accord.