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Honda Civic Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

Meant to be a dependable vehicle on the roadway, the Honda Civic has a disc braking system installed during manufacturing. Understanding the various components of this system and how Honda Civic brakes operate gives you the opportunity to select replacement accessories you can trust.

What type of braking system is in the Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic has a disc braking system. This system operates when the driver presses the brake pedal. Once this happens, the master cylinder sends a pressurized fluid to the braking components mounted by each wheel on the automobile. The piston located inside these components presses outward, causing the brake pad to squeeze the edge of the rotor. This operation is responsible for the automobile stopping or slowing in speed at the drivers command.

What different brake pads are available for the Honda Civic?

There are three main options for brake pads that can be installed on the Honda Civic. These options include semi-metallic, ceramic, and non-asbestos pads. Each type is manufactured from different materials and design.

  • Semi-metallic: These are made with metal shavings, including copper, steel, and brass, bonded with resin to produce a durable product.
  • Ceramic: Youll find these made with hardened-ceramic materials bonded with copper.
  • Non-asbestos: Crafted from materials that are considered to be organic, including rubber, glass, and Kevlar, these products are bonded with resin to create a strong product.
How do types of rotors differ from each other?

There are three different types of automobile brake rotors that are commonly manufactured. These options for brake rotors in your Honda include the standard, slotted, and drilled types. The main difference between these products is their design.

  • Standard: These have a smooth solid surface around the entire rotor where the brake pad presses.
  • Slotted: Slits are grooved into the surface of the disc to allow for ventilation of gases and dust that are produced when braking occurs.
  • Drilled: Holes are designed into the rotors surface to allow heat, dust, and gases to escape when the braking system is being used.
Where are the calipers on a Civic?

These Honda parts are important components of the braking system in all types of automobiles. On the Honda Civic, these braking system components are located near the wheels near the brake disc or rotor. This allows these brake system parts to assist in pressing the brake pad to the spinning rotor when the driver wants to slow the car or stop.

What are caliper covers?

These braking system parts can be seen through the rim of the vehicle. Placing a cover over these components provides a better visual appeal in your Civic. These covers also protect the brake system components from dust, debris, mud, water, and ice that can get into the braking system and cause damage or excessive wear.