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Brembo Car and Truck Brake Caliper Parts

Brembo has worked to be recognized as a leader in high-performance brake systems for cars and motorcycles. The Italian brake manufacturer makes brakes for passenger cars like the Volkswagen, competition cars such as those used in Formula 1 racing, and many cars in between. Those looking for high-performance brake systems look to Brembo to provide what they are looking for.

What are the features of Brembo brake calipers?

Brembos calipers are available in both monoblock and two-piece fixed models. They are typically made of aluminum, and have between two and eight pistons, depending on size. They come in a variety of colors and finishes to coordinate with your vehicles aesthetic. What colors and finishes are available can also depend on what model of car the calipers are for. Some can also be painted.

How does the brake caliper work?

The caliper is part of a disc brake system that includes the brake caliper, brake rotor, and brake pads. There are also a number of springs, shims, and clips which hold it all together. When the driver applies the brakes, a piston compresses the brake fluid in the master cylinder. Since brake fluid does not compress, this energy is forced into the brake calipers where more pistons multiply the force; this, in turn, pushes the brake pad onto the brake rotor and stops the car.

Do Brembo calipers all have serial numbers on them?

Genuine Brembo brake calipers are shipped with serial numbers on them. These serial numbers can be checked with Race Technologies, who will verify the date the brake calipers were manufactured and can even tell you what date they entered the country. Even if they were not imported by Race Technologies, theyre able to cross-reference the Brembo caliper serial number to determine if its an authentic Brembo brake caliper or not.

What are Brembo brake rotors and brake pads made of?

Brake rotors are made of high-carbon cast iron, which helps them perform better at higher temperatures and with performance-level driving. High-performance brake pads are made of many different materials, from organic resin to carbon ceramic. Theyre available for use in over 6,000 different types of applications for a number of vehicles.

What type of paint should you use on brake calipers?

Since brake calipers get hot with use, its essential to use a high-temperature brake caliper spray paint or two-part epoxy paint. Be sure to remove the brake caliper before starting the painting process since its important to avoid painting the parts that the brake pad touches.

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