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Bridal Shoes

Weddings are among the most significant events in any womans life. Getting the right outfit and shoes is important if you want the occasion to be a success. Use this guide to learn about wedding shoes and decide whether you should go with pumps, wedges, or heels.

What should you look for in wedding shoes?

Your wedding shoes should be comfortable since you will have to walk or dance during the event. Having an uncomfortable pair of shoes will make the occasion less enjoyable. Before you think about style or theme, you need to make sure the shoes are suitable for various activities. You can wear them around the house before the wedding day so you dont have to do any last-minute shoe shopping. If you are not comfortable in heels, then it would be advisable to opt for pumps.

How should you choose wedding shoes?

Here are some tips to help you choose a pair of wedding shoes:

  • Setting: Make sure your shoes match the theme and location of the occasion. Weddings are held in many different settings, and each one has its own theme. For most traditional or outdoor weddings, you will need to avoid heels and instead go for flats or sandals. At the beach, you can also forego shoes altogether and slip back into your heels when you get to the reception.
  • colour: The colour of your shoes should match the theme and style of the event. Your wedding dress and shoes should convey a sense of harmony. Classic colours for wedding shoes include white, blue, gold, and black. If your preferred colour is not available on the market, you can simply dye a pair of white heels.
  • Height: The height of your heels will determine the design of your wedding gown. If you want to purchase an extra pair of shoes for your wedding, make sure it is just as high as your original pair. You can also have a pair of heels to walk in and wedges to dance in.
Should you choose the bridal gown or shoes first?

As mentioned before, your wedding shoes and gown need to be harmonious. If your dress is more important than the shoes, you can choose it first then find a pair of heels to match. On the other hand, if you value your shoes more, you should buy them first and find a suitable gown later. If you want to buy a backup pair of shoes for dancing, you should consider going for lower heels, pumps, or even flats. If you choose very high heels, you may not be able to wear the dress with a smaller pair of wedding shoes.

Should you wear heels or flats?

Brides always have to debate on whether to go with heels or flats. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • If you are short and need an extra height boost, you could opt for heels of up to 3 inches.
  • If you want to dance, pumps will likely be more comfortable.
  • The length of your dress will also help you decide. In some cases, the dress will be too long, and people will rarely get a glimpse of your shoes. If this is the case, you can go for a more comfortable pair of flats or pumps.
  • In traditional weddings, pumps are usually more suitable.