Brixton Men's Hats

The right hat can help protect you from the sun or cold while also completing your outfit. Brixton makes hats that come in a variety of styles. There are a few qualities and pieces of foundational information you need to take into account before buying one of their products.

How do you know what adjustment type you're getting?

Brixton offers their customers a variety of cap-adjustment options. They have the following options:

  • Fitted: Fitted hats offer no adjustment options. Fedoras, fiddler hats, and sun hats are among the most common fitted hats from Brixton.
  • Snapback: The snapback option is seen in hats like the Wheeler (available in colours like grey and black). The two ends of the tightening component snap together and can be moved forward or backward a few slots, depending on if you need it tighter or looser. This type of adjustment is common among trucker-style hats.
  • Strapback: These hats are able to be adjusted by sliding a tab past an over-under mechanism to lengthen or shorten the tab.
  • Stretch Fit: When a hat is stretch fit, it is generally made of a knit type of material. Beanies and winter caps are among the most common stretch-fit hats. The Hooligan is one example of this type of hat.
What are the different styles of Brixton Hats?

Brixton attempts to fulfill as many requests as possible and tries to be an all-inclusive brand that has something for everyone. As a result, they offer a wide spectrum of styles. They have baseball hats, bucket hats, cowboy hats, sun hats, fedoras, beanies, newsboy caps, flat caps, and trucker hats.

How do you know what size to get?

If the hat you have decided on happens to be a fitted hat, it is important to know how Brixton's sizing works so that you aren't left with an ill-fitting cap. Additionally, even their adjustable options come in a spread of sizing in order to provide the best fit possible.

  • Small: Hat size 7, 56 centimeters, or 22 inches
  • Medium: Hat size 7.25, 58 centimeters, or 22.8 inches
  • Large: Hat size 7.5, 60 centimeters, or 23.6 inches
  • Extra Large: Hat size 7.75, 62 centimeters, or 24.4 inches
How do you take care of your Brixton Hat?

The type and grade of hat you purchase determines not only how you store it but also how you care for it. You might consider the following tips before cleaning your hat:

  • Woven, felt, and straw hats in particular should be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • If you have a large-brimmed hat that you are storing for a lengthy amount of time, use tissue paper to pack the crown so that the brim is supported and the integrity is maintained. If your hat's brim does become misshapen, often times it can be steamed and returned to its original shape.
  • When necessary, spot clean hats with a damp, chemical-less cloth. They should then be allowed to air dry. Brixton Hats should never be placed in a dryer unless they are a 100% cotton beanie.
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