Bucket & Boom Trucks

Go High Safely in a Bucket Truck

A bucket truck, or boom truck, is a truck that you commonly see used in forestry situations. You may hear them called chippers. They ensure your safety when youre high off the ground working, and theyre essential equipment when it comes to many forestry jobs.

The Basics of the Bucket

You may not know everything there is to know about these, except that they look a bit intimidating, but theyre the right type of truck for the task in certain situations. As you begin your search for a bucket, keep some factors in mind.

  • All bucket trucks come equipped with a crane. This crane can extend any number of feet depending on what you need it for. The lift can go upwards of 60 feet when necessary.
  • Boom trucks take either diesel fuel or gas, or you can purchase a pre-owned or new manual or automatic transmission truck on eBay that suits your budget and needs.
  • They come with either air or spring suspension, a variety of tire sizes ranging from 16 feet to over 20 feet, and these utility trucks also offer you the option of single or tandem axles. What this means is that a single axle is necessary for lighter tasks, and a tandem axle can handle a heavier lifting capacity.
What Are the Types of Trucks?

Boom truck is a general term for several specific trucks, so you may want to know the difference between these trucks before you complete your search.

  • A chipper truck is meant for use alongside a wood chipper. The truck catches the chips as they fly from the equipment. There are two types of these trucks. One type is solely the truck itself. Another has the wood cutter or splitter installed directly into the truck, making it a dual-purpose model.
  • Purchase a digger truck when you need to dig into the ground with power and force. These come equipped with an auger and use rotation to dig into soil. These are sometimes called derricks or digger derrick trucks.
  • Forestry trucks are general use utility trucks meant for tree care. They may include features like a telescopic boom arm or a tracked lift that can rotate to reach into tight spots.
Makes and Models to Consider

Many makes manufacture these types of equipment, ranging from Chevrolet to Freightliner and Sterling. Discover the right one for you based on features, price, and size.

  • Some brands that make regular cars also craft these specialized vehicles, such as GMC and Ford. Models include the 2003 Ford Altec 750 with a 60-foot boom, the Ford Terex, and the GMC C7500.
  • Dodge offers models like the 2102 Ram 5500 utility design and the 4500 with a 29-foot crane.
  • Check into International vehicles, including the Hi Ranger with a 60-foot bucket, and the 4900 digger derrick model.

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