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Burris Hunting Rifle Scopes

The Burris Optics Company was founded in 1971 by an optical design engineer named Don Burris. Burris hunting rifle scopes are made in a wide variety of styles and magnifications. A hunting rifle scope can assist a hunter in sighting game from a distance.

What are the advantages of fixed and variable power?
  • A fixed power rifle scope is one in which the magnification is set at the factory. For example, if the Burris scope is marked 4x30, this means that objects viewed through the scope will appear four times larger than what you see with the naked eye. Fixed power rifle scopes have fewer lenses, simpler mechanisms, and are generally chosen for shooting at targets of uniform size from a set distance such as a blind or stand.
  • Variable means that the magnification can be adjusted within specified limits. For example, if the rifle scope reads 4-10x30 this means that at the lowest setting, objects will appear four times as large with the scope as without, but the scope can be adjusted to make objects appear up 10 times as large. Variable rifle scopes are usually chosen for shooting at targets of various sizes from a variety of distances.
  • You should always use the lowest magnification that still allows you to see the target clearly. The magnification needed will increase with smaller, more distant targets and decrease with larger, closer targets.
What is the advantage of a larger objective lens?

The large number at the end of the code string, in this case, 30, is the size in millimeters of the larger lens, called the objective lens. The larger the number, the greater the amount of light allowed into the sight picture and the brighter and clearer objects will appear.

What is the reticle?

The term reticle indicates the aiming point. It may take any number of forms including cross-hairs (also called cross wires), a post or posts, or one or more dots.

How do you keep Burris Optics clean?
  • Always use end caps to protect the optics from dust, dirt, and scratches.
  • Dust, dirt, and debris that does accumulate can be removed using canned air or an air gun attached to a compressor.
  • Debris around the edges of the tactical rifle scope can be removed with cotton tip swabs and alcohol using a circular motion, then finished with dry cotton tip swabs.
  • Dust picked up on the hunt or at the range can be removed with a soft dry cloth or an optical brush.
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