Load Up for a Bus Trip

Want to take a cross-country road trip but your family SUV just doesnt have the space for everyone? Or maybe your church group needs a church bus to attend functions in together. There are many ways to utilize the convenience and space of a bus, and most modern vehicles are feature-packed. Browse the listings on eBay for a selection of busses at multiple price points in conditions from new to used to certified pre-owned and get that vacation started.

What Popular Bus Types Can You Find?

The type of vehicle you require really depends on exactly what youre using the bus for, such as a charter bus for destination travel or a minibus for quick, convenient trips around town. That way, youll have the features you need for that particular use.

  • A double decker bus is exactly as it sounds; it looks like a regular bus with a second bus on top, providing a compact way to add more seating space without enlarging the vehicle itself. These work well for tour groups around the city, or city transportation in busy, highly populated and high-traffic areas. Theyre quite popular in London.
  • The bright yellow exterior of a classic school bus hasnt changed much over the years, but the interior features have. Whether you decide to go with a more retro design or a new bus, most school buses offer plenty of seating along with safety features for riders. Thomas, International, and Blue Bird are two common manufacturers of school buses.
  • Youll see shuttle buses at busy places like airports, convention centers, and hotels. These vehicles offer convenient bus service from parking lots or garages to your final destination to shorten your walk and get you where you need to be on time. Numerous brands make these, including Ford and Chevrolet.
Selecting the Right Bus

While budget may factor into your purchasing decision, you can always find pre-owned and used options on eBay along with vintage options if youre looking to refurbish an old vehicle yourself or just think it looks cooler. Many people are even using these vehicles to create tiny homes or getaways.

  • Consider features of these types of vehicles. Do you need a model with an onboard luggage rack, or hand rails for safety as passengers get in and out? For handicapped passengers, look into one with a ramp or a lift if necessary.
  • Select what type of fuel your vehicle will use, whether its diesel or gas. Larger models usually consume diesel, and diesel is also more costly than gas.
  • Do you need a vehicle that you can stay the night in if needed? There are specific options for that situation.
Bus Makes and Models

As with all vehicles, including cars, these types of travel systems come created by a variety of companies and come in different models that vary in price, size, and features.

  • MCI manufactures many types of charter and coach buses. These are luxurious and comfortable, featuring many amenities.
  • Check into what Prevost has to offer in the form of shuttles and passenger transportation. These are versatile enough for use as a charter, shuttle, or coach transportation.
  • Van Hool creates executive-style, high-end coach and charter travel systems for all types of bus services. Leather seats and handicapped lifts are just a couple of features available.

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