CR2016 Single-Use Batteries

Single-use CR2016 batteries are required in a variety of devices, including watches, calculators, and pacemakers, to name a few. Other common electronics that utilize CR2016 batteries include hearing aids and keyless entry controllers. As with any single-use battery, the CR2016 is meant to be disposed of and replaced when its power cell depletes.

How long do single-use CR2016 batteries last?

The amount of time that a CR2016 provides power depends mostly on how often and how continuously it is used. Some electronics may require continuous power while others may only need intermittent power. As a result, the period required between battery changes can vary. In cases where a CR2016 battery is only used a few times per day, such as in the case of a keyless entry car remote or in the case of a childs toy, the battery may last for several years before needing to be replaced. In other cases, such as in a hearing aid, these batteries may need to be replaced within a few months, especially if the hearing aids or other devices with these batteries are not turned off at night or while not in use. You may also have to change out a CR2016 battery more often if one is used in a watch since it will require constant power.

How do you dispose of single-use batteries?

It is often possible to recycle single-use batteries. This can be done at local facilities, but you may also be able to mail in a single-use battery to an outside agency or facility. If youre unsure about your options, always check with your local recycling center. In many areas, authorities will be able to either recycle your batteries or safely dispose of them onsite.

How can you extend the life of a CR2016 battery?

You can extend the life of a CR2016 battery by simply turning off all gadgets that are not in use at the time. It may be easy to leave devices turned on 24 hours a day, but in doing so, you are allowing unnecessary energy to be expelled. Although some devices, such as remote controls, may not be able to be turned off without removing the battery or batteries directly, other devices, such as hearing aids, can be completely turned off at the end of the day. This will save both energy and reduce the need to replace CR2016 batteries in a relatively short amount of time.