Cable TV Boxes

More and more people these days are using cable TV boxes, also known as a set-top box. These devices offer features that allow you to easily plug your television into both cable and the Internet for all your streaming needs. Many also provide features that allow you to play and record shows for later access.

How can you connect a monitor to a set-top box?

To attach your video monitor to a TV box and play channels that way, take the following steps using a VGA-to-HDMI cable connection:

  • Verify that you have a cable containing both VGA and HDMI ends.
  • Ensure that your LCD monitor has VGA ports.
  • Power off both your monitor and your TV box. It is essential to do this before inserting the cable into either device.
  • Insert the HDMI end of your cable into the HDMI out port on your TV box.
  • Insert the VGA end of your cable into the VGA input port on your video monitor.
What is the STB button on your remote?

This button controls the "set-top box" or cable box. When it is programmed, this button offers you the ability to control both your television and your TV box at the same time with a wireless remote connection. To program the cable-box button, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your television.
  • Turn on your set-top box.
  • Press and hold both the cable box and the OK buttons together.
  • Release both buttons (cable box and OK).
  • When the red LED light on your remote blinks twice and stays on, your cable-box button has been properly programmed.
What is a Digital Terr STB?

"Digital Terr STB" stands for digital terrestrial set-top box. This is a box that takes channel signals from over the air that were broadcast in Hi-Def (HD) and converts them to analog signals. These devices offer support for streaming of over-the-air HD signals and channels on your analog set, which is great for older models that do not have HD inputs.

How do you connect your set-top box to the internet?

It is very simple to hook up the two. This can usually be done in three easy steps:

  • Identify an Ethernet socket that is available for use on your internet router. These are often yellow in colour. Sometimes they are labeled as "LAN" or a similar designation.
  • Identify the LAN (Internet) socket available on your TV box.
  • Run an Ethernet (LAN) cord between the two sockets.