Camcorders are essential for those who enjoy recording precious moments or for making fresh video content. Because these devices come with a wide variety of technical specifications and features, choosing a camcorder can be difficult. With the right digital recorder, however, you can become a home movie maker in no time.

What types of camcorders are there?

There are 4 main types of cameras designed for recording video available:

  • Mainstream: These devices are made for a variety of uses. They are most commonly used to record home movies, personal events, sports games, and more.
  • Advanced: These digital camcorders are used by enthusiasts or professionals due to the fact that they offer more features. They often offer higher-quality images than mainstream models.
  • Pocket: These compact devices are small enough to fit in a pocket or small bag. They are designed to be used by bloggers or those who enjoy capturing their adventures on camera.
  • Wearable or mountable: These camcorders can be attached to bicycles, skateboards, pets, and people. They capture video from different points of view.
What features should you consider when looking for a camcorder?

When looking for a video-shooting camera, you must consider the:

  • Resolution: A camcorder's resolution indicates the number of pixels that are in the footage. The higher the resolution, the more clear or detailed the footage will be. Some digital camcorders offer 4K resolution, which is 4 times the resolution offered by Full HD.
  • Bit rate: Higher bit rates allow for larger size files. The larger the file size, the higher quality the footage.
  • Memory: Some camcorders record to SD cards while others have an internal flash memory. With SD cards, you can carry extra so that you never run out of memory. On the other hand, internal memory means you do not have to worry about keeping track of SD cards.
  • Image stabilization: This prevents shaky footage. 3-axis stabilization will stabilize the footage on 3 types of movement while 5-axis stabilization will stabilize on 5 types of movement.
  • Audio: If you are recording musicians or discussions, you want a camcorder that can capture audio.
What factors should you consider when looking for camcorders?

When choosing a camcorder, consider these extra features that not all models include, such as:

  • Wi-Fi capabilities: Camcorders that have Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to connect the camera to your tablet or smartphone. Wi-Fi also allows you to use your smartphone as a remote for action shots or for shooting wildlife.
  • Battery life: Batteries on some models last longer than others so check to make sure the battery will last long enough to get your shots.
  • Recording times: Some cameras do not process data as fast as others, meaning they cannot shoot for extended periods of time. If you need longer shoots, check the maximum recording time.
  • Size: The larger the camcorder, the heavier it will be. If you are travelling with it, you may want a small video camera.