Camelion Alkaline AA Single Use Batteries

Choosing the Right Alkaline AA Batteries for Your Needs

Although many modern devices are rechargeable and get power from a built-in battery, a lot still need single-use AA alkaline batteries. There are lots of different sizes when it comes to single-use alkaline cells, but AA is definitely among those in the widest use. Choosing the right batteries can be difficult, as different devices have different power requirements. 

What Sort of Power Does Your Device Draw? 

There are a number of different options for alkaline AA Camelion batteries. Some batteries aim to deliver high bursts of power over short periods of time, while others are for long, sustained use, including: 

  • Super heavy duty alkaline battery - Heavy-duty batteries store a lot of electricity and are therefore good for use in devices that draw a lot of power. If you have a device that uses a battery or batteries for extended periods of time (like a torch or a radio) then you should probably go for a heavy-duty battery, even though they are usually more expensive. 
  • AA alkaline heavy-duty battery - Heavy-duty batteries are for use in devices which draw slightly less power or that you dont use for extended periods of time. Although alkaline batteries are single use, the heavy-duty type can still last for a long time in certain devices. 
  • Plus alkaline batteries - Plus alkaline batteries are for devices which require bursts of power to start up. They can deliver a lot of power in a short time, which makes them relatively unique as far as AA batteries go. 

What Size AA Alkaline Battery Pack Do You Need? 

Most of the time, you will find batteries, especially AA ones, in packs that come in different sizes. If you use a lot of alkaline batteries in AA size, then you can probably save a bit of money by going for larger packs. 

  • 4-packs - Are generally useful for devices which require two or four batteries. If you dont have a lot of things that take the AA size, then there is no need to pick a larger pack. 
  • Larger packs - If you have a lot of things like torches, remote controls, or toys that take AA batteries, then consider a larger 12 or 24 pack. These are usually slightly cheaper per battery, saving you money in the long run. 
  • Avoid large packs of unique batteries - For example, very few things need plus-type batteries. Since these are relatively expensive, you will almost never need very many. 

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