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Camera Stabilizers

Amateur and professional videographers alike often struggle with having shaky footage, especially from an action camera, which can utterly ruin an otherwise excellent clip. Sometimes, these unfortunate clips can be stabilized in post-production, but it is often easier to use a set of stabilizing equipment to prevent the need for this editing later. Using a combination of gimbals and other stabilizers can help keep your shots looking smooth and professional.

How do you stabilize video using Wondershare Video Editor?

Fixing unstable videos using the Wondershare Video Editor is a simple process and can be done in a short amount of time. The step-by-step process for stabilizing video clips using the software are:

  • Import the shaky video footage into the editing software.
  • Right-click the clip, and select the option for video stabilization.
  • The video clip will automatically be stabilized by the software.
How do you record stable video with a DSLR camera?

There are a number of strategies for successfully recording a stable video using a handheld DSLR camera and thus reducing the need for post-production stabilization of the video clips. Some of these strategies include:

  • Holding the camera firm with your right hand while supporting the lens from beneath using your left hand.
  • Create as many contact points as possible between your body, the DSLR, and your arms to achieve maximum stability. A great example of this is holding the camera as described, and then planting your elbows against your sides so that your arms have something to rest on while supporting the camera.
  • Use the strap; it's there for a reason. Attach it to your handheld DSLR camera, then put the strap around your neck, and hold your hands as far out from your body as possible to keep the strap taut while maintaining contact between your elbows and your torso.
  • Some handheld camcorder devices come with an accessory that attaches to the screen and allows you to watch the screen through a viewfinder that you use like a pair of goggles. Try using this to create yet another contact point, helping to stabilize your arms while shooting.
How do you stabilize a handheld DSLR using a tripod?

The tripod is the pinnacle of camera stabilizer equipment provided that you don't have to move mid-shot to maintain contact. If this is an option, then combine this with a gimbal to get in the perfect position for the shot beforehand, then all you need to do is start recording and let the magic happen. If you end up needing a moving frame to get the shot you want, try using some version of a handheld stabilizer, which is a very convenient camera stabilizer that can be used when you need that motion shot to get the full effect on film.

What is a gimbal?

A gimbal is a piece of equipment used for photography and video shooting that enables a mounted device to be rotated around a single axis before being locked in place. This makes it possible to get lined up for the perfect shot and then to stay aligned while shooting for maximum stability.