Camera Viewfinders

Fit your Camcorder with a Viewfinder

Many people prefer to use a camcorder over a smartphone when it comes to videos due to the enhanced quality. Most digital camcorders like those from Panasonic, Sony, and Canon come with an LCD screen, but a viewfinder can be attached. Many people only use the LCD display because they can see more details in the larger image, but that does not mean that the screen is better. Both have their pros and cons.

How does a camcorder viewfinder work?

With an electronic viewfinder or EVF, the lens captures the image and projects it electronically onto a miniature display. A sensor records the images through the lens. These images are then processed and finally projected onto the miniature screen, which is viewable through the eyepiece.

How do I use the electronic viewfinder?

It is easy to use the camcorders EVF. Once you have turned on the camcorder, leave the LCD screen retracted in the side. By default the EVF will normally be operational. Most camcorders like those from Panasonic, Sony, and Canon can be adjusted to suit you. They slide away from the camcorder body and can then be tilted upwards. This allows you to shoot your video without being in an awkward or uncomfortable position.

Why do some people prefer the LCD screen

Some people prefer the screen for the following two main reasons:

  • The image that they see on the screen is a little bigger, allowing them to see more details in the frame.
  • Because you can also see your immediate surroundings, you can avoid tripping over obstacles lying on the ground when you are moving around with the camcorder.

Why should I use a viewfinder?

The screen has certain distinct disadvantages. That is why the following are some of the reasons for you to use a viewfinder:

  • The biggest disadvantage of the screen is that the image can easily be washed out by bright sunlight, which will cause the image to be compromised. With the EVF, your eye is over the eyepiece which means youre seeing the exact image.
  • A huge mistake that some people make with the screen is they try to adjust the camcorders exposure and inadvertently adjust the LCD monitors brightness level while not altering the recorded image. They normally dont realize their mistake until it is too late.
  • With the EVF, your view will be in complete focus so that you will not miss anything.

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