Canadian Stamps

When were the First Stamps Issued in Canada?

The first Canadian stamp was issued shortly before Confederation in 1851. Although the British used postmarks in Canada prior to that time, stamps did not exist before then. The Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada passed a resolution to adopt stamps in 1849, drawing inspiration from the British and American postal systems. Other colonial governments, such as British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, issued their own stamps until they joined Confederation. British Columbia issued its first stamp in 1860. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia both introduced stamps in 1951, and Newfoundland printed its first stamp in 1857.

What Are the Most Valuable Canadian Stamps?

The most valuable Canadian stamps include the 12d Black Queen Victoria stamp of 1851, the 2-cent large Queen on laid paper from 1868, the 25-cent London to London flight commemoration stamp issued in 1927, and the 1982 30-cent Christmas fold-over. Most valuable stamps fetch high prices due to their rarity, but some stamps are valuable due to printing errors. For example, the 1982 30-cent Christmas fold-over fetches high prices because the paper folded over as the stamps were printed.

What Are the Rarest Canadian Stamps?

The rarest Canadian stamps include the 1868 2-cent large Queen on laid paper stamp, the 8-cent Registration sheet of 50 stamps, and the 1927 London to London flight stamp. There are only two known copies of the 2-cent large Queen stamp in existence. There is only a single known copy of the 8-cent registration sheet. Most of the London to London flight stamps were lost at sea, so only 13 of the original 100 stamps printed still exist.