Car Speakers & Speaker Systems

Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Without car speakers, car rides would be silent and dreary. There's nothing quite like the feeling of singing along to your favourite tunes or jamming out to your favourite beats at the stop light. While the stereo is the heart of a car sound system, the speakers are the most important peripheral, pumping out music with just the right feel. Types of speakers that a car needs depends on a variety of factors.

What kinds of car speakers are there?

Most cars already incorporate a basic speaker, but by adding a few other types, you can make the sound released into your car more rich and enjoyable. 

  • Full Range - Most basic speakers provided in cars are full-range speakers, which means they attempt to provide a complete range of sounds. However, since they are multitasking of sorts, the quality output is usually average on all fronts.
  • Woofers and subwoofers - these speakers are dedicated to reproducing lower frequency sounds, also known as the "bass". Subwoofers reproduce an even lower and specific frequency, so they often give a more thumping heavy bass feel when used.
  • Tweeters - These speakers are meant for reproducing higher frequency sounds.
  • Mid-range - Mid-range speakers reproduce sounds between the frequencies of woofers and tweeters.
  • Two-way speakers - These usually involve combining two types of speakers in one system; for example, a midrange and a tweeter or a midrange and a woofer. Some people  opt for these as they take up less space.

How do you shop for speakers or speaker systems?

Identify your needs in terms of sound reproduction on your speakers. This will help you make the right purchase and not invest on unnecessary components. 

  • If you're more of a bass person, consider just adding on a woofer or subwoofer to your pre-existing sound system.
  • If a completely accurate reproduction is what you crave, then you may have to buy all the separate types of speakers and put them together in a comprehensive system.
  • If your built-in speakers have failed and all you want is a replacement, then a full range speaker may be adequate.

The next step is to identify the right size of speaker you need. If you purchase speakers that are too big, they may take up too much space in your car which isn't practical. Overly small speakers may not be able to give you the volume you need. So measure out the space you have in your car before making a purchase. Lastly, consider if you may need other add-ons for better sound, like an amplifier, a sub box, or a capacitor.

What are the popular brands of car speakers and speaker systems?

There are a variety of brands which sell good quality speakers, but some standout names include (but are not limited to): 

  • Pioneer
  • Alpine
  • Sony
  • JBL
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Alpine.