Car & Truck Cup Holders

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Car and Truck Cup Holders

So many drivers look forward to their commute thanks to having a cup of their favorite beverage at hand while they drive. The cup holder in their vehicle is important; the size, shape, location and ease of use all determine how comfortable they will be while driving with their drink of choice. Holders can be found in the center console, as a floor mount or even in the arm rest; they come in a wide variety of styles for each driver to find the one for their needs.

Is it easy to keep car cup holders clean?

Cup holders with removable parts are easier to keep clean. Here are some ways to keep any cup holder clean:

  • Stick to water or coffee, and stay away from drinks like juice or soda.
  • Keep cotton swabs and toothpicks in the car to clean crevices regularly.
  • Use baby wipes to wipe out the tray. If it is adjustable, make sure to move it to different sizes when you are cleaning.
Are there cup holders for a childs car seat?

A car with a car seat or two needs the luxury of having a car seat cup holder for the child to have easy access to their bottle or cup at all times. Most infant seats do not come with drink holders, but seat and boosters for older children do. Some are fixed, mounted holders, while others are adjustable and move in and out. Another option is to place the car seat next to the car door that has a cup holder compartment the child can reach.

When were cup holders for cars invented?

In 1983 drink holders were first seen in newly produced minivan vehicles. The Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan were the pioneers to have in their accessories offerings an interior location to securely hold a cup or two. The molded plastic was found in the dashboard of the vans.

Where are other places cup holders may be located?

Holders can be found in the door under the window, in the console, armrest, and more. In some vehicles, there is room for the whole family to fit everyones water bottles.

What kinds of containers can be put in a holder?

Whether the car cup holder is adjustable or not, several kinds of drink containers can be placed in the holder. Choose vessels that fit securely to reduce the chance of it spilling. Plastic, metal, glass water bottles, and coffee cups made of paper, stainless steel, or ceramic all may fit well.