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Truck Exterior Door Panels

There are many items that contribute to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a truck. Door panels are one of the aesthetic parts of a car or truck that also have more functional aspects.

What is an exterior door panel?

Door panels are small parts located on the door frame on the exterior of a truck or vehicle. For many models, it is located where the door handle to open the vehicle is located. Many door panels are small and attachable through screws or bolts, and have a small indentation where the hand can rest in order to aid efficiency in opening the car door.

Why is a door panel useful?

Door panels are useful when attempting to open truck doors. The door frame always comes with a door handle on both the interior and exterior, but on occasion these door handles are difficult to open. Panels allow the owner to apply the pair of parts to the exterior of their car and then have better mobility and access to the door handle as the door handle has most likely been adjusted because of the panel.

What kinds of door panels are there?

There are many different types of panels depending on the truck or car in question. There are color, material, and style options as well.

  • Wood: Some door panels are made of wood. These door panels tend to be used on trucks that are not work vehicles, though they can certainly be used for both work and street vehicles. These parts are made of smoothed wood and are usually brown or darker tones. They come in a variety of styles and shapes.
  • Vinyl: These door panels tend to be resilient and also come in a variety of colors.
How do you make sure you purchase the right panel?
  • Select Functionality: Is the door panel only going to be used for aesthetic appeal, or will it serve a functional purpose for your truck?
  • Select Material: After the functionality of the panel is selected, it will be easier to select the material.
  • Select Style: Browsing through styles is important when deciding what kind of panel to purchase for your door frame. Consider functionality when looking.

Many parts for door panels come in pairs, so it is easy to ensure that they match one another. If you car has more than two doors, you will need to get two pairs that are the same.