BMW Emblems

Maintain the OEM appearance of your BMW by replacing worn logo badges or adding new logo emblems in the form of decals. There are a variety of replacement emblems available in addition to personalized badges with different styles. These can be positioned in a number of locations on or inside your car, both exterior and interior.

What types of emblems are available for the BMW?

There are a handful of insignias made for the BMW that let you can show off your pride in driving a BMW. There are stickers and badges in the logo’s roundel shape, while others have a more rectangular shape. While you can stick with the standard logo of the traditional blue and white BMW color scheme, there are other options available as well.

The emblems come in different colors, as well. Some nontraditional logos still use the BMW color pattern of black, blue, and white stripes, while others are made using the colors of the German flag, yellow, red, and black. You can also find pure black or black and silver badges and decals for a sleek look.

Where can you apply BMW emblems?

There are numerous replacement emblems for the BMW, and the additional ones can be placed in a variety of places. In the case of replacement badges, only OEM replacements or those that mimic the shape of the original can be applied to certain spots. Here’s just a sampling of places where BMW badges can be placed:

  • Hood: The hood of your BMW sports the typical roundel BMW emblem.
  • Trunk: On the trunk, you can replace the roundel emblem. Trunks are also a frequently used spot for applying sticker emblems. The left-hand side of the trunk is where the M logo badge can be replaced on BMW Motorsports models.
  • Wheels: You can replace or add the traditional roundels to the center of the wheels on your car.
  • Steering wheel: This is where you can use a replacement round emblem.
  • Gearshit: You can also replace or apply an emblem to the gearshit knob.
How do you remove BMW emblems?

Removing an old emblem from your BMW, whether its on the hood, the trunk, or inside, isnt a difficult task. There are easy steps to follow:

  • Stickers and stick-on badges: First, wipe the emblem clean. Then, use a hairdryer to heat up the sticker until it’s fairly warm but not overly hot. Next, slide a long piece of string or floss underneath the badge to lift and remove it.
  • Roundel: First, put down some painter’s tape around the emblem to ensure you won’t scratch the paint. Next, simply take a screwdriver or a small knife and slide it under the roundel until it pops out.
Are emblems difficult to apply to your BMW?

Applying a sticker, roundel, or other types of badge to your BMW is not hard. For the roundels, simply pop the new one into place. The badge stickers are self-adhesive. You can lay down painter’s tape to mark off the area where you want to apply the badge for a precise application on your BMW.