Car & Truck Floor Mats, Carpets & Cargo Liners

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Car and Truck Floor Mats & Carpets

Floor mats and carpets are a quick and easy way to not only customize your vehicle but to help keep your cab clean. While the floor mats or carpeting that comes with a vehicle may be enough damage or dirt, they can often be bland and have no personality. Before you replace these necessary accessories, however, you should make sure that the ones you are interested meat your needs.

What types of floor mats are there?

There are three main types of floor mats and carpets:

  • Carpet mats: Mats made of carpet often have a more classic style that matches the interior of your truck. Some carpets have different textures, designs, and thicknesses that are designed to help prevent spills and mud from staining the interior.
  • Rubber floor mats: Also known as all-weather mats, these floor mats are molded and ribbed to contain spills and other debris. These accessories are usually heavy-duty and come in a variety of patterns and designs for trucks, including camo, licensed cartoon characters, and even sports teams.
  • Cargo liners: Floor liners are designed to be used in the cargo area to prevent damage to the carpeting. They also allow drivers to haul sporting equipment, garden tools, and other items that might stain the cargo area.
What are common brands that make heavy duty mats?

Here are some of the different brands of floor mats you'll find:

  • Husky: Husky specializes in floor liners and rubber floor mats specifically designed for pickup trucks. The liners are designed to channel dirt out of the car, making them an essential accessory for those working in construction.
  • WeatherTech: WeatherTech products are designed to be heavy-duty enough to protect the floor against stains and spills. Their all-weather floor mats come in multiple colours.
  • Lloyd: These floor liners and rubber floor mats are more geared towards aesthetics. They are designed to fit specific types of vehicles, meaning the floor mats may actually have the car manufacturer's logo on them.
What should you consider when looking for floor mats?

There are three main things to consider when looking for floor mats:

  • Function: Floor liners or floor mats should be able to handle the weather, your kids, and anything that you may haul. If you need all-weather floor mats due to working in muddy or wet environments, rubber Husky liners or WeatherTech products may be right for you when it comes to floor protection. If your automobile is gently used, regular floor liners may work just as well.
  • Fit: Some car floor mats are custom fit to provide the most coverage and protection possible.
  • Design or colour: If the look of the car floor mats is more important to you than function, you may want custom products or accessories that have fun, unique, or interesting designs on them.