Car & Truck Gauges

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Car and Truck Gauges

Car and truck gauges help motorists manage equipment that measures fuel, air, and other solutions that impact how a vehicle operates on the road. Many units are designed with a digital panel that lights up in dim environments. You'll find traditional and sporty options by a variety of brands, and most products will fit on the dash in a cabin.

What are the different automotive gauge brands and design specs?

Gauges that are developed for specific automobiles are engineered by companies like Ford, Dodge, Honda, and Toyota. Generic detection tools are options for different vehicles as well, and these products have all of the general features, such as meters and lighting tools.

Many items for engines are designed with specific layout configurations. If a unit is built for a sports vehicle, the main base unit will have multiple tools for different engine functions. Large units are bulky because they're mounted on a cluster panel. Most cluster-style items have LED lights that illuminate the numbers in a variety of colours. Blue and white lights are common colour options for general cluster gauges. However, some units may have lighting technology that uses a combination of different colours to illuminate specific cluster portions.

What are the material design specs for different automobile products?

Automobile tools that aren't secured in a cluster panel are constructed out of a circular, plastic material. The upper frame that supports the cover over this kind of accessory is made with a thick layer of plastic, and the housing that rests over the panel is designed with transparent plastic.

Cluster products are also designed with a plastic housing. However, the edges of the plastic have an arched layout that fits in the gauge compartment within a vehicle cabin. All of the lighting hardware that illuminates the panel is mounted underneath the main cluster housing.

What are the main features for different automobile products?

Accessories for car and truck air pumps can detect pressure levels during maintenance routines. Most of these products are designed with a meter and a digital display.

Products that can detect voltage levels are options for automobile maintenance tasks that involve electrical hardware. These units have a digital panel that provides voltage information.

Units for sports cars and trucks are built with hardware that measures speeds on the road. Many speedometer products have a traditional or digital hardware. Turbo boost gauges with electronic hardware are also options for sports cars.